Free job posting on LinkedIn

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Free Job Posting For All Active Strike-Jobs Clients on LinkedIn! 

We have set up sector specific LinkedIn groups to engage with candidates & jobseekers. Currently Strike-Jobs have 12 operating groups on LinkedIn with constantly growing follower counts of potential candidates. These groups make it possible for recruiters to engage with candidates on social media, see candidates’ discussions and postings, and for candidates to share their experiences and disclose what they are looking for.

How to post your jobs free on Linkedin:

We are offering our clients the option of posting their job listing onto the group sites for free to find further candidates. It will help boost applications, receive more suitable applicants and engaging potential candidates on social media. Please click any of the sectors below to post your vacancies. You can post vacancies in more than one group. Your listings may not appear straight away as it would be sent to the admin for approval. With a bit of patience you will be up with the best candidates reaching out to you!

Sector specific LinkedIn groups:

With nearly 200 members, our LinkedIn group for all things automotive, motoring, transport and logistics is rapidly growing in size and content.

There are currently over 600 members for this page with candidates from the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Reaching out to over 1000 possible candidates, listening your positions on the customer service and administration group will help you expand your options for employees.

Over 900 members to reach out to in the education sector when posting on this LinkedIn group

Combining all the different sectors involved in engineering (including mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, civil engineering, and many more) this group reaches to over a thousand candidates looking for engineering work.

Yet again one of our most popular LinkedIn page with over 1,000 possible candidates perfect for the roles you are looking for.

With nearly 400 members in this group, our health and medicine jobs page is fast growing to gain a unique division of candidates.

Nearly a thousand professionals in the hospitality and catering sectors have come together to look for work in their areas on the jobs and career opportunities network.

There are 600 members in the human resources sector specific LinkedIn page looking for work in their profession.

With over 1,500 professionals connected on our IT and Telecoms jobs and careers group, finding your perfect candidate will be hassle free.

As our largest and most engaging LinkedIn group with over 1,700 active members, recruiters can post their job listing onto the group to attract some of the best candidates for their roles.

And finally (with a still pretty impressive follower count of over 1,000 members) find candidates to meet your sales job requirements.

This free job posting on LinkedIn offer is only available for our current clients.

If you want to post your jobs for FREE on Linkedin or have any questions please feel free to email us at or give us a call at 02074934993.

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Websites With Free Job Posting


Strike Jobs allow you to post an unlimited number of jobs for FREE for 30 whole days! This free trial allows you to explore our services, begin posting advertisements immediately and provides you with full use of our CV database to discover candidates. Our website,, receives over 100,000 users per month so your jobs are sure to be seen by applicants and potentially your new employee.

Free Job Posting Trial

There are other options out there; some websites allow you to post jobs for free for different lengths of time or with certain packages. Here are 9 alternatives:

1. Strike Jobs-

Post all of your jobs and use our CV search as much as you want for free for your first month with Strike Jobs.

2. Job Mate-

Job Mate provides a 3-day free trial in order to test out their services. There is no further obligation once that trial is complete. Following that, registration costs £365 per year, and applicant tracking is included for free for the first year.

3. Free Index-

Free Index allow you to create a company profile and post your job advertisements on their website for free. The website is only for advertising, so you cannot search through a CV database, but it is a good way to spread the word.

4. LinkedIn-

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with other people, including potential candidates. Strike Jobs have sector specific groups on LinkedIn with 1000s of members. You can post your jobs to these groups for free and connect with members who are interested in and active in that career path.

5. Indeed-

You can post your jobs for free on Indeed. However, they encourage employers to pay to sponsor each of their ads. You are paying for superior placement of your job when a candidate makes a search. You set a budget for the job or at campaign level, and pay per click. Most clicks cost between £0.12 and £0.70. There are no joining fees or commitments on Indeed.

6. Best Jobs UK-

You can register, post jobs and search for CVs for free with Best Jobs UK. Jobs are posted and then reviewed by their staff. They keep your jobs on their website for 3 months before removing them, and you may remove your advertisement any time before then.

7. Free Ads-

You can post a job for free on Free Ads for 60 days. After that your job will be removed, or you can renew it but with an upgrade which must be paid for. 3 months costs £24.99, 6 months is £32.49 and 12 months costs £44.99. Free Ads is similar to Gumtree in that the website hosts advertisements for a broad range of products, not just jobs.

8. Jobs 365-

Jobs 365 have a limited number of free memberships that they can offer companies. Employers can register and apply for a free job posting account to post up to 3 job vacancies as a trial of the website. Following that, one job post costs £89 + VAT for a 1 month advert. Their Basic package is £199 + VAT which includes 25 job posts. The Premium package is £299 + VAT to post unlimited jobs.

9. GetJob-

GetJob allow you to post job advertisements with full contact details, search CVs and contact candidates directly free of charge.

10. Now Hiring-

If you choose the silver package with Now Hiring you can post 1 job per month for free. Included in the package is candidate screening, an applicant management system which allows you to communicate with and track candidates, and you can list your company in the advertiser directory.

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10 days to go for our Macmillan Coffee Morning!

Strike-Jobs are fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support by holding a coffee morning on the 26th of September.

CoffeeWhat is a coffee morning?

Coffee Morning by Macmillan Cancer Support is a fundraiser for people who are living with cancer. It is a fun way to get your daily dose of caffeine in the morning along with a slice of cake, while helping support such a great cause. People all across the UK are holding coffee mornings and raising money for people living with cancer.

Why take part?

Cancer is a battle that no one should have to face on his or her own. With growing advances in technology and medicine, the chances for winning the battle is increasing. This means more and more cancer patients are trying to get on with their lives as normal.

The money raised by us and the Coffee Morning campaign will help make sure every person, from the moment they are diagnosed to throughout their treatment, will not be thrown into living with cancer alone.

When and where:

26th of September between 9am and 12 am

Starbucks, South Molton Street, London, W1K 5QG

If you cannot make it on the day, you can donate to the Just Giving page.

Facebook Event Page


Strike-Jobs works along side charitable organisations like Macmillan and offers advice to candidates with disability to help them in their job search.

Right at this moment, there are 2 million people in the UK who are living with cancer. It is estimated that this number will double by 2030.

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Home or Away?

how to find local jobs

how to find local jobs

For jobseekers, it can sometimes seem like trekking to the big city with its bright lights is the only answer to our job search… Until one encounters the commute. Hot, sweaty, angry passengers on a long, uncomfortable journey. Or when frustration arises as the enormity of the job market in the city becomes clear, and where to begin becomes extremely unclear. That experience may not be worth the job you find away from home, especially since your perfect job might be right around the corner.

So what are the advantages of keeping your job search local?

Of course your commute will be shorter or perhaps it will barely even exist! Staying local means more time with your friends and family, in an area you are familiar and comfortable with.

Furthermore, many of the job opportunities in your local area will be in smaller companies. This is an advantage for a number of reasons. You are more likely to meet your potential employer much quicker, and therefore will be able to persuade them you are right for the job in person, rather than with an anonymous piece of paper. You are more likely to be able to communicate with the company directly rather than through a huge human resources office. You may also have a better chance of getting opportunities to climb the company.

Many jobs require or would highly appreciate someone who has a good knowledge of the local area. You will already have contacts and connections in that area; you will know where to find resources in the surrounding area; you will be able to discover local clients and will better understand their requirements for example.

What are the disadvantages?

Since local often means smaller scale, the amount of jobs in the area may be far fewer and consequently competition may be much higher. Local jobs may go much more quickly so you must be on the ball. Do not hesitate when you spot a local job that takes your interest.

There might be a smaller range of jobs available. There may not be jobs fit the kind of job you are looking for. There may not be vacancies for the niche area you are looking for, or there may only be niche jobs when you are looking for a more established role or a more general position that allows for developing your skills.

How to find a job

There are a multitude of ways to find jobs in your local area:

  • The Job Centre have a number of social media platforms that you can use to interact with your local employment agency and the jobs that they have. You can then even message or tweet them for help with your job centre online application form.
  • Twitter is a great resource for discovering jobs because you can follow local companies that you would like to work for as well as jobs websites and vacancies will appear on your timeline ready for you to review.
  • Your local county council will have a website which is likely to post local jobs. There may also be a website for your area too which can have a list of jobs on it.
  • Search for a Connexions website for your local area. As well as posting jobs, they offer CV workshops and appointments for job application advice.
  • Be bold and email companies you would love to work for. Most businesses will have contact details on their website or on business cards in their office. Preferably find an email for the person in charge of recruitment for the company and write to them enquiring if they have the position you would like available. Attach your CV with a cover letter and hope they reply! Many local businesses will at least reply either way, and lots will promise to alert you when a vacancy appears if they are impressed by your CV. Your dedicated and enthusiasm by actively seeking them will impress them and show that you really want to work for them.
  • The easiest and most useful way to find a local job is to register with a recruitment website. Set up a job alert with your specifications of location and job type. You will then receive jobs that fit your description via email and you can apply immediately. 
  • Of course you can go out into your local community with your CV in hand and enter companies you would like to work for and hand our job application to the manager. You can make your first impression here, in person, and talk over your skills with them directly.

Most importantly, decide what you really want and where you want to be. Stay firm and committed to meeting those goals and you will see results.


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FAQ by recruiters for sales career job boards

How do I know which job board is the best for my sector?

Whether its direct sales jobs, IT sales jobs, field sales or any other sales jobs, there are many sector specific boards available. You should research boards to find one that appeals most to you and that has a large candidate database.

Where can I find free job posting opportunities?

Some job boards offer free job posting trials for new clients so you can try out the websites without having to commit unless you are satisfied. For example, offers unlimited job postings for 30 days on their website and offers free postings on LinkedIn for their clients. This is a comforting comparison to some other well known job boards.

How can I connect with more candidates?

One of the many different ways of approaching candidates is through LinkedIn, especially to find more senior level job seekers in sales careers. Our sales jobs and career opportunities LinkedIn group, which is hosting over 1,000 members, can help you connect with sales candidates, will help you speak to job seekers, and to understand what kinds of roles they are looking for.

Construction & Property Job Board FAQ For Recruiters



How do I know which job board is the best for me?
There are many job boards available across the Construction & Property sector. Whether you’re looking for something more along the lines of upper managerial positions like Site Supervisor, or a role that is more hands-on such as a Plumber or Mason, you have plenty of choices to choose what best suits you. 

Do any job boards offer free job postings?
It honestly varies from job board to job board, but on the whole most sites do charge, and some charge astronomical rates. However, a few sites choose to give a free trial to new clients, such as With Strike-Jobs, they offer a free 30-day trial of unlimited job postings to ensure their client’s satisfaction without the stress and hassle of long term contracts.

How can I find the best candidates?
Besides uploading their CVs to job board sites, what a lot of candidates are now doing is to join pages and groups to discuss their interests and keep up to date with news in a specific sector. Professional networks such as Linked In, cater to each sector, and create group discussions to connect candidates to each other, and also to hiring employers! You can search through the topics and comments to further your knowledge about candidates, and see if one might be the best match for you and your company.


Education job board FAQ for recruiters

How do I know which job board is the one for me?

You can find many job boards that specialise in education jobs and education employment opportunities. Whether you are looking for teaching jobs, assistant roles, employment in higher education or other education jobs, you should look for job boards with high credibility and a vast number of candidates.

Where can I find free job postings?

Some Job boards offer free job posting trials for new clients so you can try out the websites without having to commit unless you are satisfied. For example, offers unlimited job postings for 30 days on their website and offers free postings on LinkedIn for their clients.

How can I contact candidates?

There are many different ways of approaching candidates. If you are looking for senior level candidates for education jobs LinkedIn would be a good place to start. You can join group discussions on LinkedIn to find and connect with candidates to help you speak to job seekers and gain further knowledge about them.

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