Christmas Jobs With Marks & Spencer

15,000 Temp Xmas Jobs Available with Marks and Spencer

Retail giant Marks and Spencer have said they require 15,000 new temporary members of staff for the busy Christmas period. If you are a job seeker or looking to earn extra pennies over the festive period, M&S have many opportunities with jobs available in store, the distribution centre, warehouses and in-store cafes. Marks and Spencer will provide a 2-day training program to new seasonal employees to ensure they are prepared for the new position.

They are looking for friendly faces that will provide a real festive spirit that their customers deserve. They offer a competitive salary and a 20% staff discount on many of their products from day one. Not only will you earn pennies, you can also save money on Xmas gifts by taking full advantage of the 20% staff discount.

M&S New Scheme to Help Disabled Job Seekers

A new Plan A employability scheme for people with disabilities and health conditions. Marks & Start Logistics will be one of the recruitment channels used to recruit for these new roles which include warehouse operatives, engineers, mechanics administrative staff, transport controllers and management.

Inspired by the successful Marks & Start scheme that operates in M&S stores and offices, Marks & Start Logistics will help recruit, train and employ people with disabilities and health conditions to work at Castle Donington. It will be run in partnership with Remploy Employment Service, which specialises in giving disabled people the support they need to overcome barriers to work.

Interested in working with M&S this Christmas? CLICK HERE


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