TOP 5 – Songs To Play Before An Interview


What Song Makes You Feel Like A Superhero?

We all know preparing for a job interview is essential for success. The most common procedures include researching the company you are aiming to work for, studying the key points you want to discuss; and test-driving your interview techniques with friends before the big day.

What you do on route to the interview can also play a vital role in how you feel. You may be the coolest, most confident cucumber on the planet; but nerves before a job interview are very common.

Listening to music that makes you feel pumped and alive before going into an interview is almost certain to give you that final boost you need!!! I-pods at the ready!

Here are our top 5 songs that are sure to maximize your motivation, boost your confidence and prepare you for any job interview.

1 – MC Hammer – Can’t Touch This – Be sure none of the other candidates can get close to you with this bouncy number from MC Hammer.

2 – Gorillaz – Feel Good inc – This track is certain to put a smile a big smile on your face! Essential before an interview.

3 – Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor – Be prepared!!! Instead of crawling up the wall, why don’t you open up we talk, we are ready, we are ready for the floor!

4 – Moby – Bodyrock – This track has a real ‘GET READY FOR ACTION’ feel about it, ideal for an energy boost!

5 – Morcheeba – World Looking In – SHINE! You’ve got the world looking in.


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