First Day Advice


Simple guide to making a good impression on your first day

Congratulations!!! You have successfully passed the application process, your CV and Covering Letter made a great first impression and you aced the interview. Initially you are delighted and extremely proud of yourself to have landed a new exciting job opportunity, but it doesn’t take long for the nerves to overshadow the delight as the big day quickly approaches. It’s perfectly natural to have first day anxiety before going into your new job, learning a new way of working and trying to fit in with a new group of coworkers can be very daunting for most people. If you can grasp the following guidelines to help your preparation process then you can ensure ultimate success in making a great first impression.

Get there on time Being punctual on your first day is absolutely essential when aiming to make a good first impression. Test the route to work before your first day and always set-foot early to avoid any last minute panic.

Dress appropriately – Find out what the dress code is in your new workplace, it’s always good to discuss this during the interview process. You don’t want to turn up in scruff when the dress code is smart.

Quickly adapt – Try to gain an understanding of how your new workplace operates and the working atmosphere. It’s important to remember that your new working environment may be different to previous jobs you have had in the past, learning to adapt and being flexible is vital when aiming to make a good first impression.

Listen Carefully – Remember that you are the student, not the teacher. A quick way to gain a person’s trust is to simply listen to them. On your first day you do not want to go in all guns blazing with opinions and suggestions of change, appreciate and digest exactly what is being discussed on your first day.

Take Notes – This will always make a good first impression. You will have a lot to take in on your first day, taking notes will not only help you remember all the important details necessary to perform well, but will show initiative and genuine enthusiasm to your employer.

Clear Communication – If you don’t know, ask. Management and close working colleagues will always appreciate good communication skills. There is no such thing as a silly question on your first day; it’s always better than sitting silent. Providing regular updates on your working progress will also be appreciated by management on your first day as it show initiative.

Be Sociable – Being the ‘new person’ is always tough, gaining friends is a great way to settle into your new role quickly, show your sociable and friendly side will benefit you greatly.

Do not be the first to leave – At the end of the working day do not to be the first person to start clearing your desk in preparation for running out the door at 5pm. Try to stay on a little later than expected.


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