Top 5 – Ways To Stand Out In Your New Job Search


1 – Social Media Networking

Although it’s wonderful, Social Media doesn’t have to be all about keeping in touch with friends and uploading photos of your recent adventures. In today’s society, it proves a fantastic tool for networking with like-minded individuals who may work in a similar field or be part of an organization that you’d love to get involved with. LinkedIn has quickly become one of the main platforms for networking in today’s job market. Think of LinkedIn as an online CV where you can show your skills and achievements on one simple page, giving potential employers a more in-depth look at your skills, experience and personality.

Tap into your networks, reach out, and meet with influential people who you think you could really learn a lot from.  Also be sure to be careful about what e-dirt may or may not exist on any social media profiles – recent studies show that 86% of all hiring employers will look at candidate’s profiles!.

2 – Showcase Your Skills Using A Blog

Creating a personal Blog is another excellent tool to showcase your skills and achievements to potential employers. Use a Blog as an online portfolio; you can upload and update new content whenever you see fit. Linking your personal blog from your CV, Covering Letter or Social Media pages can provide prospective employers with a greater insight into your skills.

 3 – Update Your CV

It’s important to take out some quality time to make sure that your CV is up to date. Don’t rush this process – this is a key component to demonstrate to hiring officers who you are, your experience, and what amazing skills you have that you can offer to them. Keep it real – don’t ever lie on your CV. It will come back to haunt you.  Be sure to use a variety of verbs and vocab to describe your duties, to keep it creative! For example, instead of saying, “Wrote and delivered press releases to different outlets”, try “Responsible for developing and distributing engaging press releases across national media outlets”.

Being creative with your CV is vital if you want to stand out from the crowd in the application process. The new job you have applied for could have a large number of other applicants wishing to take on the same challenge, create a CV that will catch the employer’s eye. There are certain techniques you can apply to your CV to make it stand out.

4 – Add Strings To Your Bow

Many job vacancies will often list expected skills and experience that you may not have. Finding the ways to gain those skills and knowledge will be very beneficial in your new job search. Use the Internet as a key tool for free learning, online course and tutorials are a quick way to gain new skills. Many job seekers also choose to do internships or free charity work to gain further experience. You can prove your working and new skills developed to employers using a personal blog.

5 – Tailor Each Covering Letter, and Do Your Research!

Many job seekers often make the mistake of sending the same Covering Letter to every job they apply for. A generic Covering Letter is fairly obvious to employers and will not flatter them in any way. Taking the time to customise each Covering Letter specifically to each job you are applying for is essential for success. Research the company and find out everything about them – what makes them tick.  Use this info to help connect to them by showing how your passions link with theirs, and you’ll definitely get their attention.


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