Top 5 – Reasons For Writing Down All Your Ideas, Dreams and Goals.


Think about your life in the very near future

Think about ALL the things you want to achieve

What does it look and feel like? 

Everyone has thoughts about all the things they would love to achieve in their life; the things they want, where they want to be, and what they want to be doing. Putting all those pipe dreams down in writing and setting them as firm goals can massively increase the chance of success; of course including a little imagination and belief also plays a vital part of the process. Try keeping notes of all your targets, whatever they may be…

–       Find a New Job I love

–       Study and gain a new qualification

–       Buy the latest gadgets

–       Save for that dream house

–       Be driving a new sports car by the summer

–       Join the local gym and get fit

–       Travel the world for a year

–       Find the perfect partner

These are all very common BIG goals most people often wish to achieve throughout their life. Taking the time to write down small goals you wish to complete each week will also be very beneficial to ensure you can complete each task step-by-step. As an example…

Week 1.

–       Monday – Update and complete New CV

–       Tuesday – Update Covering Letter

–       Wednesday – Do Video CV

–       Thursday and Friday – Apply for New Jobs

–       Saturday or Sunday – Buy New Clothes

–       Next Month – Have A New Dream Job

Applying this technique in your life has many benefits in helping you achieve all of your desired dreams and goals. Here are our Top 5 reason’s for writing down your Ideas, Dreams and Goals.

1 – It will provide you with more head-space and clearance. Taking the time to write down all of your desired aims and objectives will clear your head and help you to discover exactly what it is that you want to achieve.

2 – It will help you to determine a timescale. Everyone has plans and objectives that they aim to achieve over a certain period of time. Writing down your goals can help you to set out a more specific time scale for each target.

3 – It will motivate you to complete each task. Having all your ideas and goals down in writing gives you something that you can always refer back to at any time. Your ideas, dreams and goals will never be forgotten!!!

4 – You can evaluate your progress. You can set personal deadlines for all your goals, and every so often set a date so that you can refer back to your list. This will help you see what tasks you have completed and what you still have to do.

5 – You can reward yourself. When you feel you have fully achieved a specific goal, reward yourself! You have set out and completed your desired goal. This will give you a real sense of achievement and build confidence.


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