Top 5 – Creative Jobs in 2013


Is your burning dream to work within a creative industry?

You will probably spend many-many hours of your life, working. Why not try your best to find a job you really love!!! If you’re the creative type who likes to think outside-the-box, then working within a creative industry could be for you. Here we take a look at the top creative jobs that will pay the bills.

1 – Game Designer

A Game Designer works to create and develop console, PC, and mobile games over a vast array of different platforms. There are various positions available in game design tailored to a variety of skill sets and experience levels. A Game Designer requires great communication skills, creative writing, technical skills in computer programming and software game design. Successful Game Designers will often hold a degree in Game Design, 3D Animation or Computer Science. With the gaming industry absolutely thriving at the moment there is potential to work for a large organisation like Rockstar Games, or set up your own independent business designing game apps for phones.

2 – Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is a professional within the graphic design and graphic arts industry. The main responsibilities for this role are to create images for advertisements, logo’s, flyers, brochures and online media. Being creative is essential for this role, developing image styles that will be memorable and capture the imagination of your audience. A graphic designer will often hold a degree in graphic design or certificate from a specific trade school; an internship is also very common after graduation before making it in the industry. There is also an option to work freelance or set up your own independent business as a graphic designer.

3 – Web Designer

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance process of a website. The key areas include website page design, user experience design and search engine optimization. A Web designer must understand how to work with XML, HTML and basic web programming scripts in order to design the desired website page for its client. A Web designers job is generally based around the design of the front end of a website, the client side. A Web designer is expected to be both creative and aware, ensuring a website that is easy to use while capturing the user audience. A Degree or HND in Web design is often required, along with a portfolio of previous work is very beneficial to secure a job in Web design.

4 – Product Designer

A Product designer has the job of creating new product designs for a business to then be sold to the customers. The process of this particular role begins initially with generating ideas that will eventually lead to a final product. To be successful in this line of work a product designer must often combine art, science and technology to create a new exciting tangible product that will capture the market. Product designers tend to design things that most of us will use in our daily lives, from home-ware appliances such as cutlery, tables and chairs to electrical products and computers. A Degree or HND in Product Design is often required to secure a job in this competitive industry.

5 – Digital Marketing – Social Media

In order to survive in today’s fiercely competitive industry, businesses require creative minds to market their product or service effectively. The Social Media and Email marketing is an ever-increasing gold mine for the marketing world; businesses are now putting a lot into creative thinking online in an attempt to capture potential customers. Working within a Digital Marketing or Social Media field requires delivery of innovative and unique ways of generating brand awareness; along with developing social media and email marketing campaigns. Not essential but an added bonus to be successful in these particular positions is to grasp a knowledge of design software, such as Photoshop; also ability to write articles for blogs is often desired.


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