What To Do Following A Job Interview


The Waiting Game

Having successfully passed the application process and endured the nerve racking job interview, you are now left in anticipation awaiting a response from the employer confirming if the job is yours or not. This wait can cause a lot of stress, which leads to over thinking the situation and doubt begins to set in. To avoid panic while you await the employers response, follow these simple steps.

After The Interview

Don’t Stop Job Hunting – Even if you are extremely confident that the position is yours, don’t stop applying for other jobs while you await a response. Having more options available to you is always good in the job-hunting process; this is also a great technique to burn off all that nervous energy while you wait.

Reflect – Good or bad, it’s important to look back on your job interview and consider what you believe you answered well and what you didn’t. You can always take something away from the job interview that didn’t quite go to plan by thinking about how you can improve in the future.

Follow-Up – A couple of days after your job interview; send a follow-up email. Try to go a little further than just saying ‘thanks for your time’ however; an email referring back to the key points of the interview will really work well in your favour. Sending a follow-up email shows a further keen interest in the role and keeps you in their mind during the elimination process.

Don’t Freak – It’s important to try and not stress out too much while you await a response following the interview. Employers can often take a couple of weeks to make their final decision, especially if they have interviewed a large amount of people for the same position, finding the right candidate it vital and this takes time.

Is It Really For You? – Sounds crazy as you applied for the job in the first place; but taking the time to consider if the job is really for you is also important. Following on from your visit to the location, the premises, meeting the manager and colleagues, does it really seem right for you? Many job seekers often go in headfirst accepting the first job opportunity that comes up. However, if you are going to spend many hours of your life in that job, try to find one that will make you happy.


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