Unemployment Levels Drop in the UK

staff-wantedUnemployment rates in the UK have fallen to its lowest level for 18 months, while the number of people in work has reached another record high.

The total number of unemployed people in the UK has decreased by 37,000 between September and November down to 2.49 million. The ONS also claimed the total figure of people in work had increased to 29.7 million. The number of unemployed claiming jobseeker’s Allowance also fell by 12,100, down to 1.56 million; the lowest rates since 2011.

Recent reports suggest that the increased employment rates include a steady increase in the number of long-term unemployed, those out of work for over a year or as much as two years have fallen. There has also been a healthy increase in full-time jobs across the UK.

Although the number suggests a healthy increase from previous months, it has also been reported that the number of youths unemployed between the ages of 16 – 24 have risen to just under one million currently unemployed.


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