Interview Survival Guide


What NOT to do in a Job Interview:

The thought of crumbling in a job interview is daunting for anyone. Everyone has to do it at some point, but understanding the right interview etiquette can sometimes be hard to grasp. Advice based articles on what to remember to do in an interview are always bombarding the web, but job hopefuls need to be aware of what NOT to do. Leading graduate recruitment consultancy, Graduate Recruitment Bureau gives top tips on what to avoid to ensure a smooth and successful job interview:

1.      Arriving overly late or early:

Being late looks careless and unprofessional; being too early looks overly keen and a bit desperate. Arrive around 15 minutes early to read over notes you should have on the company, and be prepared. You may not be in the interview room yet, but your first impression is definitely crucial.

2.      Inappropriate presentation:

Nose rings, visible tattoos, scruffy hair, and informal clothes – none of these would go down too well in the interview room. Ensure to dress smart as it is a mark of respect for the interviewer and will show you are serious about the job role. Depending on the type of position, the expected form of dress may differ. For example, wearing a suit may be required if applying for a managerial role, whereas a more smart-casual look is accepted for positions with less responsibility.


3.      Interrupting the interviewer:

Even if you think you have the most amazing answer to the interviewers question or you think you know what they are leading up to ask, stop and WAIT. Sit tight and wait until they have finished. You may misinterpret what they are saying and go off on a tangent which won’t come across well.

4.      Keeping your phone on or answering your phone:

Simple but easily forgotten. Turn your phone off. And if it does go off, do NOT answer it. Keep it in your bag, and do not even be tempted to look at it. Wait until you have left the interview – your texts and Facebook notifications can wait!

5.      Asking about holiday time or sick days:

Remember, you haven’t got the job yet so avoid asking these questions. This sort of information would be discussed at the negotiation phase so do not bring this up unless the interviewer does. Our very own recruitment team experienced a candidate who enquired on the company’s disciplinary policies – and followed up with a question on how many written warnings are given out before dismissal – A perfect example of what NOT to do!

By Yasmin Codron, The Graduate Recruitment Bureau


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