Social Media Websites and its Effect on Recruitment

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With Social Media growing every day, and people obsessing over FacebookTwitter and Linkedin, it comes as no surprise that job boards are benefitting immensely from such sites. The rise in the use of social media websites in recruitment is fascinating. Since 2010, Twitter has grown in use by 9%, Facebook by 11% and Linkedin by 15%. It has also been found that 7 out of 10 employers have successfully hired a candidate through social media showing a great partnership between recruitment and social media. With such promising results companies yet to explore the benefits of using social media websites are majorly missing out. HR magazine reported in October 2012 that ‘Integrating social networking sites into the traditional recruitment process is key not only to reaching potential candidates, but to building relationships and communities that will enhance the candidate experience and provide a window into your company’s culture.’ This means that not only does the company benefit through the initial recruitment process, but jobseekers can get an insight into how a company works and the company an idea of a person, hopefully reducing the amount of unsuitable candidates. Similarly, Linkedin is a great way of networking, and if we go by the saying of ‘it’s who you know, not what you know’ then the social media base is the perfect way of networking. The best part being it is all completely free!
On the other hand, candidates should be careful of how they use their personal social media accounts as they could reveal undesirable attributes. HR Space a blog by the website Personnel Today reported that ‘Out of the three hundred, 91% of employers were found to have screened a candidate through their social networking pages.’ Although yes, the reason for many of these ‘screenings’ could be innocent curiosity, the site also told of 11% of the three hundred admitting to rejecting candidates due to inappropriate content such as photographs and comments about current or previous employment.
Taking everything into account, one cannot deny that social media websites has a major effect on a recruitment, and if used the right way can benefit both employers and employees alike!
By Holly Hereford | 28 January 2013



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