Top 5 – Office Fashion Trends

 To celebrate London Fashion Week, we have picked out the Top 5 new fashion trends that could be hitting the office in 2013. See if you’re inspired for a new look with these fashion ideas.

Heads or Tails

Tail Office Wear

The crazy thing is we didn’t make this up! This really could be the big trend of 2013. People are always trying to get to get in touch with their animal side but a tail?

The Disco Mountie

Red Vinyl Suit with Mountie Hat

Standing out in the office couldn’t be easier with a vinyl red suit, topped off with a snazzy Mountie-style hat!

Old man of the office

Grandad Chic Slippers

Mixing comfort and style in the office can be difficult but is this taking it too far? Mixing Grandad chic with office wear, the ultimate in office chill-out wear.

The Religious Penguin

Nun/Penguin fashion

Nuns haven’t always been the most fashionable of people but this outfit certainly mixes fashion with a distinctly religious look, or maybe it’s inspired by a penguin

Bowled over


 While we are big fans of the skittle outfit here at Strike Jobs, it might be a while until we see office workers up and down the land rocking the classic skittle look, maybe one day!

By Dominic Jones


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