Inspirational People – Sophie Christiansen OBE

Sophie Christiansen

 Sophie Christiansen OBE was born two months premature, she had cerebral palsy and suffered from other health problems including blood poisoning, a heart attack and a collapsed lung.  At the age of six she began horse riding as a form of physiotherapy and at the age of 24 she became Britain’s first Paralympic triple gold medallist at the London 2012 Olympics in Equestrian events. She was awarded an OBE in the Queen’s New Years Honours in January 2013.

Sophie’s courage and determinism is a great example to everyone. She has found the strength and will to succeed, overcoming all obstacles put in her path to achieve her goals and reach higher than many people thought possible. Sophie is striking a blow against the stigma of disability and is proving that disability should never stop a person believing in themselves and aspiring to their goals, no matter how high.

All I could do was my best – by going first I just had to focus on my own performance and set the bar really high. I couldn’t have asked for anymore.” – Sophie Christiansen OBE

By Dominic Jones

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