Are Job Boards Too Expensive?

Job boards just too expensive

On the grapevine recently, Strike-Jobs has noticed employers are feeling the pinch and find job boards WAAAAY too expensive.

These frustrated grumblings have been going on for a while now and in 2011 the British Chamber of Commerce teamed up with Maximus UK surveyed over 500 companies on job board accessibility within the small and medium sized businesses. One of the biggest finds was that 80% of the companies see recruitment as the biggest obstacle in managing their workforce and on average pay around £2,000 to fill one vacancy. 39% of companies said they never used job boards because they were too expensive. 50% said CV’s were poorly matched and 20% said it was time consuming, especially if you’re using multiple job boards to get the best candidate.

We took a look at few jobs boards, compared them to when the survey was done and found prices are generally more expensive. Reed in 2011 charged £125 + VAT for a 45 day ad and now charge £249 + VAT! Monster was the only company who reduced their prices from £399 to £200 + VAT for a fourteen day ad but maybe that was because they were one of the most expensive on the market at the time.

The specialist job boards were the most expensive though. In 2011 Brand Republic, a media geared job board charged £499 for an ad and now £695. Guardian still starts £750 for a basic ad and can go up into the thousands. Oh and by the way, if you want to search CV’s, that is going to cost you another £50-£100 per job ad!

So, now we get it. Job Boards are too expensive and becoming even more so. So what alternatives are there for employers to find good quality candidates?

Trawling through the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook may be good for letting people know about your vacancy, but if you find a suitable candidate they are probably not searching for work or be willing to move jobs at that exact time.

Then there is us. Strike Jobs has been built with budgets in mind right from the off. To get to know us you will be offered a 30 day free trial period for posing in our job board. While advertising your vacancy, we display your logo for the company along with targeted email shooting to encourage the right applicants to apply for the jobs.

While job boards are becoming more costly and often too expensive for employers, more affordable and effective ways to advertise your vacancy are created all the time. You just need to look for them.

Nathalie Lot | 05 July 2013 | Strike Jobs Journalist

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