Hard Work Pays Off for Strike Jobs

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Incorporating our thirty years of full on recruitment experience we finally got it together to develop http://www.strike-jobs.co.uk. From 0 to 110,000 clicks per month in just 9 months. HOW?? You may well ask.

Industry support was paramount. Recruitment International, the IOR, Kate Nash OBE, and Remploy all giving us the green light to move forward and believe in the project. Starting with a vision to be a game changer, mum said (think Big, if you only get half way you’ve done well) could WE be the game changer. Trying to gain awareness won’t be easy in a saturated arena where players have such strong name presence and corporate backing.

From the off we looked at all the facts that were above and below the radar on the Job Board market. The tricks of the trade, if you like. After much analysis, we found a substantial amount of short falls. Some very cost prohibitive, especially for smaller companies with low budgets, attitudes in general were complaisant and elitist, no thinking outside of the box and no sense of humour. Of course looking for a job is a serious and frustrating process but surely this can be done with a little humour. Making the whole thing a pleasant experience rather than a hurtful one was important.

Straight away interesting questions came to mind about the Job Board experience, such as “Do we get any customer service? Do they cover a wide enough net? How do companies ensure unique Candidate attraction? What keeps Candidates interested and engaged on an Internet site? Why do the younger generation have job-board phobia and not iphone-5 phobia? Where do disabled people look for work?” There were so many questions to answer but suffice to say, we addressed every issue in turn and took months to try to get it right! Our own market survey found that the average age of a job board user was 30, what about to the rest of the population??

A 4-month build and an 82,000-page site later, we launched autumn last year.

If you attract a small select audience then you will only attract the same demographic every time. The wider the net, the more “try-me Candidates who don’t read the job spec and just apply anyway” you will get, (not that you want them necessarily) but in turn you will also attract the side-swiper audience too, the non-believers and the can’t normally be asked, this will bring the unique users that are not registered with every job board going. Our award winning Design Team have developed a branding that speaks volumes. Logo changes, visuals and branding are key to attracting the right candidates.

From Facebook in Russia to multi-lingual blogs, 42 Press Releases, IT assistance for all, Global Marketing expert, SEO Analysts, Data Controllers, Journalists and Graphic Designers, and really helpful and realistic customer service folk are some of the ways we wanted to move the goal posts. No strict corporate rules or lengthy contracts to sign.

Predominantly UK focused at the moment, our team are building daily on our overseas market.

Confident in our all-inclusive approach to recruitment, Strike offers all new clients an unlimited 30-day free trial that gives everyone the opportunity to try before they buy.

With a simple and comparatively low cost service, Strike Jobs will serve all your recruitment needs for years to come. Covering 47 sectors and 75 countries, and a database of 85,000 live Candidates. What’s not to like?

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