10 Factors that Affect Success in the Workplace

Success Strategies
With more and more generations surpassing the qualifications bench mark set by their predecessors and the jobs market getting smaller and smaller, the competition for top end jobs has never been so high. So what does one have to consider when in the workplace.

1. The more effort and enthusiasm you put into an activity the more likely you are to succeed, and this is exactly the case with employment. Although we are may not be lucky enough be doing a job we love to quote Eric Idle “Always look on the bright side of life” – with unemployment figures at 2.51 million, it’s good to be in a job. Employers will value you more see that you’re enthusiastic about your work.

2. A good work ethic goes a long way. If you’re prepared to do the jobs that no one else wants to do, or put in the time that no one else can afford to contribute then you’re instantly highlighting yourself as a person that has aims to go far. So why not arrive early for work to make sure that you’re prepared for the day ahead or stay back for a bit to ensure that all paperwork is done.

3. How you organise your time and the place you work at is vital to achieving success in the work place. This is where the saying “a cluttered desk represents a cluttered mind” rings true. To have a completely organised work station and schedule save the time, effort and stress. The mind does not work as well when it’s juggling hundreds of different thoughts at once, so have a place for everything and everything in its place.

4. Why not get to know the organisation? To be able to understand its aims, hierarchical structure and involvement in schemes presents you interest in the company and shows your desire to climb that ladder. It would also be embarrassing for you if a senior employee asked and you weren’t able to answer. So even if it’s just basic research, get to know who you’re working for.

5. Every company/organisation has an image, and every workplace tends to have an unwritten dress code. A company’s image is important as it is a way for the public to identify them and advertises that brand, so naturally all of its employees must also put in the effort to uphold the company image. To be appropriately dressed is to establish yourself as part of the team.

6. Ultimately, employers are always looking for someone that stands out from the masses and that involves a bit of creativity. Is there a way that you can be doing a job more effectively? Or is there something you know or an experience you’ve had that no one else has? If so then don’t be shy about it, feel free to try something different or bring to the table your life experiences, because at the end of the day it is much better than blending into the other faces in the room.

7. Stress gets the better of all of us, and at times it gets hard to cope. Recently the LFS discovered that in 2011/12, approximately 40% of cases of work-related illness were linked to stress. So it is important not only for you working performance but your own health to have some form of outlet such as a hobby or a sport to relieve the stress of work and life in general.

8. We can’t exactly help who our colleagues are, and we definitely can’t control whether they like us or not. However it doesn’t hurt to try. If you can establish a good relationship with the people you work with the likelihood is that working may become a whole lot easier, especially considering that team work is an important aspect of employment.

9. Your working environment plays a key role in employee productivity. From my own experience of working in fast food I have found that we were able to supply the order demand faster in the winter when the kitchen was only twenty degrees Celsius, as oppose to in the summer when it would reach well over thirty! There is very little you can do to change the but if your allowed to why not invest in morale food or even put up some fond photos, anything that will motivate you.

10. We’re all guilty of not finishing work in the office and taking it home to finish off. Stop! This is wrong! To succeed you need to establish boundaries between your work life and your social life so that there is a place for your mind to relax so create and maintain your Shangri-La.

Adham Nasr | Strike-Jobs Journalist | 12.09.2013

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