International happiness day

International Happiness Day 2014

20th March 2014 marks the International Day of Happiness, so make today one full of smiles and positive thoughts. A poll has shown that 87% of people asked would prefer a happier country to a richer one, and International Happiness Day means that however you decide to cheer yourself up, by listening to your favourite song or simply enjoying the day, we here at strike-jobs want to wish you all a very merry happy day. Here are our top 5 songs to get you in the mood for happiness day.

1. Pharrell Williams – Happy

There’s a reason this song is still going strong – a feel good tune to keep you happy.

2. Bobby McFerrin – Don’t worry be happy

The song name itself is enough to keep you happy, sit back and relax to this.

3. Katrina & The waves – Walking on sunshine

We needed to add a cheesy song in here somewhere… and here it is.

4. Queen – Don’t stop me now

For some motivating, fist pumping happy music, take a listen to Queen.

5. Curtis Mayfield – Move on up

And last, but not least, Move on up – the perfect International Happy Day song to end our top 5.

Yasmin Harding | 20.03.14

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