Supermarket Jobs 2014

Career opportunities in 2014

Now, with in-store training in supermarket jobs, it is easier to increase your career opportunities into higher and more advanced roles.

Tesco Job Vacancies

Tesco job vacancies are constantly being announced on their website, and 80% of management positions are recruited from within the company. This means that you can progress through and make your Tesco career a fulfilling one. Tesco Jobs in the UK range from Pharmaceutical, Head office, and in-store roles which means you are bound to find a role to suit your lifestyle and skill sets. Tesco boasts flexible, part/full-time, job sharing and shift swapping rota’s which is ideal for anyone, especially parents. The supermarket chain also offers competitive salaries and a 10% colleague discount, so if you are ambitious and looking for a place to develop and grow, start your Tesco jobs application form online today.

Careers at Asda

Asda careers can be also found online, and jobs at Asda also allow career progression. With supermarket jobs there is no pressure to advance if you do not want to, but if you do there are plenty of opportunities to make the most out of your job. Asda offers vocational alternatives to University, so if University is not for you then you can either take an apprenticeship or training. Not everyone wants to be faced with hefty student fees and if you are one of those, Asda has something to offer for you. Plenty of new stores are being opened, resulting in new job openings. Keep an eye out for stores that could be opening near you,

Sainsbury’s Jobs

Jobs at Sainsbury’s are known for giving great career benefits. Working at Sainsbury’s means that you and a partner can receive a 10% colleague discount, and with the fashion collection for TU by Gok Wan being a hit, Sainsbury’s can offer you a chance to be a part of their growing retail section, ranked 7th largest clothing retailer. A Sainsbury’s job can be an “exciting, rewarding and enjoyable” company to work for, and with extra benefits including discounted gym membership and childcare vouchers, if you are looking for a job that offers you benefits, and the ability to train within the store (See team leader in training roles), look at Sainsburys jobs around London and near you.

Marks and Spencers jobs

Marks and Spencers jobs ensure that employees salaries are compared with other retailers to keep up with market changes. Marks and Spencers job vacancies can be found on their website, and if you excel in the company you can receive extra performance rewards to recognise individual achievement.

Jobs at Waitrose

Jobs at Waitrose also offer career benefits, and being a partner of John Lewis means you can receive discount from both places. Waitrose Jobs (and John Lewis) also offer life assurance, which is not something anyone wants to think about just yet… but it helps knowing that if anything were to happen to you, your beneficiary would be covered with three times your annual salary.

Iceland Jobs

Another Supermarket chain to look out for is Iceland Jobs, as they had been voted in 2012 as Sunday Times ‘Best Big Company to Work For’ report and have kept a high spot for 2014 too. 

Yasmin Harding | 20.03.14

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