Practice Nurse Jobs in London

Practice Nurse Jobs in London

Search and Apply for Practice Nurse Jobs in London. Find the  Practice Nurse Jobs in London. Practice Nurses work within the community where they plan and provide nursing care, treatment and health education to patients of all ages. See our Practice Nurse Job Description before you apply for Practice Nurse Jobs in London.


Practice Nurse Jobs Responsibilities: What does a practice nurse do?

Practice nurses work as part of a team of professional staff that includes doctors, health visitors and therapists.

Patient consultations within surgeries, writing records and keeping patients notes up-to-date.

Carrying out physical examinations, investigatory procedures and cervical smear/pregnancy tests

Diagnosing and treating illnesses/ailments, performing minor surgery if necessary

Treating wounds, taking patient samples, swabs, specimens, pulses, temperatures and blood pressures applying and providing emergency first aid/treatment

Vaccination and infant injections, liaising with other health care professionals, practice nurses, GPs and/or hospitals

Practice Nurse Job Qualifications and Training Required

  • A 3-year diploma course or a 3-4-year degree course.
  • Graduates with a degree in a relevant subject such as life, health, biological or social sciences can qualify via a shortened 2-year postgraduate diploma course.

Key skills for Practice Nurses

  • Excellent team work skills and great communication skills
  • Very good practical skills
  • Ability to solve problems, effective decision-making skills

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