Dental Hygienist Jobs in London

Dental Hygienist Jobs in London

Search and Apply for Dental hygienist Jobs in London. Find the Dental hygienist Jobs in London. Dental hygienists help to prevent dental decay by cleaning patients’ teeth and providing them with education about how to care effectively for their teeth and gums, and the affects of diet on oral health. See our Dental hygienist Job Description before you Apply Dental hygienist Jobs in London.

Responsibilities of the job include: What does a dental hygenist do?

  •          Providing dental health education about tooth care and diet;
  •          Removing plaque and calculus by scaling and polishing teeth;
  •          Taking impressions and/or dental radiographs of teeth;
  •          Applying prophylactic/antibacterial materials, fissure sealants and topical fluorides to help prevent tooth decay;
  •          Carrying out screening and monitoring procedures;
  •          Treating and helping to prevent gum disease;
  •          Ensuring that sterile conditions are maintained;
  •          Offering advice and encouragement to patients;
  •          Working closely with and under the instruction of dentists;
  •          Using a range of dental instruments;
  •          Keeping up-to-date with new developments within the profession maintaining patient dental records
  •          Vacancies are advertised via the internet, in newspapers and specialist publications including the British Dental Journal, Dental Practice and the Health Service Journal.

Dental hygienist Qualifications and Training required

  •          A two-year Diploma in Dental Hygiene or a three-year Oral Health Science degree, together with General Dental Council (GDC) registration
  •          Previous experience gained working as a dental nurse or a dental surgery assistant is usually required prior to entry onto training courses.

Dental hygienist Key skills for Dental Hygenists

  •          Good eyesight and manual dexterity skills are essential,
  •          Having a friendly, confident and caring manner is important, as is the possession of appropriate personal characteristics such
  •          Effective interpersonal, communication, teamwork and listening skills.

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