Head Teacher Jobs in London

Head Teacher Jobs in London

Search and apply for Head Teacher Jobs in London. Find the latest Head Teacher jobs in London. See our Head Teacher Jobs description before you apply for education jobs in London.


Head Teacher Description

Head Teachers are responsible for management, safety and education of all internal infrastructures within a school. They are the most senior teacher answerable for the academic achievements of the students to its governing bodies, local education authority as well as parents. They also formulate objectives and policies, alongside governing bodies, to ensure national targets are achieved.

Head Teacher Responsibilities

  •          Create yearly reports for governing bodies
  •          Draw up and submit budget plan for school funds according to LEA (Local Education Authorities)
  •          Advise on the hiring of all teaching and non-teaching staff
  •          Dealing with issues with staff members, as well as pupils if required
  •          Staff allocation plans
  •          Ensure proper teaching standards, professional performance also health and safety are met.
  •          Organise and implement the national curriculum
  •          Exclusion of difficult pupils for no more than 45 days
  •          Day to day management of school and access to school premises 

Personal Specification

  •          Strong Interpersonal and leadership skills
  •          Strong organizational and communicational skills
  •          Able to work under strenuous situations
  •          Record of working with parents, pupils, staff and community
  •          Head of department or deputy head teacher experience is desirable
  •          Relevant degree or equivalent (BA, QTS and such)
  •          DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certified formerly Criminal Records Bureau


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