Lecturer Jobs in London

Lecturer Jobs in London

Search and apply for Lecturer Jobs in London. Find the latest Lecturer jobs in London. See our Lecturer Jobs description before you apply for lecturer jobs in London.


Lecturer Description

Lecturers are responsible for teaching students from the ages of 18 upwards, research work and general administrative duties related to the department are included. Lecturers can be found in higher and further education places such as sixth form colleges, universities, adult education centres, armed forces, prisons and specialized higher education schools. 

Lecturer Responsibilities

  •          Marking, assessing and giving feedback on students work  
  •          Devising lesson plans
  •          In further education places can involve teaching vocational subjects
  •          In higher education places  more research in specialized subject and project supervision
  •          Overseeing and setting exams  that meet the standards of the awarding bodies
  •          Developing new topics or course materials
  •          Classroom preparation and breakdown
  •          Attend meetings and training

 Personal Specification

  •          Excellent Research, presentation, organisation and communication skills
  •          Expert in a specific subject area, PhD or working towards one
  •          Can be QTS (Quality Teacher Status )qualified
  •          Committed to continuous professional development
  •          Ideal Work experience within relevant industry desirable 

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