How has JobCentre Plus increased their efficiency?

Learn more about how Job Centre Plus helps you score the best job possible, through their government website

In an ever evolving technological world, how does one choose a company to help them find jobs online? It’s not easy, but Job Centre Plus combines an online aspect along with working together with people in real life to create the maximum experience for job searchers across the UK, and beyond.

Step one is to find a centre near you so that they can help you build up your CV in person, and connect you to any training you might need for your job preferences.  Finding a JobCentre Plus near you is simple, as they have hundreds of locations within each borough of the UK.


List of Top Ten JobCentre Locations

1. London
2. Edinburgh
3. Manchester
4. Birmingham
5. Glasgow
6. Liverpool
7. Bristol
8. Oxford
9. Cambridge
10. Cardiff

After working with you to perfect your CV and any training needed, and you are informed enough to start your job search, the next step is to use the JobCentre online site, called Universal Jobmatch, which will give you thousands of jobs to browse through to help you find an occupation that best fits you.   And the fact that JobCentre Plus offers one of the widest ranges of jobs available throughout every facet of the job market makes it all the better.   Employers choose to use the site as it can be a cheaper alternative to local press outlets.  Therefore the vacancies available are constantly being updated and changed.  Listed below are some of the top areas, but it is definitely not limited to these jobs alone.

Top Searched Fields

  • Accounting & Finance – i.e. Chartered Accountant, Corporate Investment Banker, Financial Adviser, Investment Analyst
  • Administrative – i.e. Company secretary, Personal Assistant, Operational Officer, Local Government Officer
  • Customer Support – i.e. Customer Support, Customer Analytics, Technical Support
  • Food Services & Hospitality – i.e. Restaurant or Hotel General Manager, Hotel Clerk, Concierge, Executive Chef
  • Human Resources – i.e. Training & Development Officer, Recruitment Consultant, Occupational Psychologist
  • Legal – i.e. Barrister, Chartered Legal Executive, Solicitor
  • Marketing & PR ­– i.e. Advertising Account Executive, Marketing Executive, Marketing Researcher, Public Relations Officer
  • Medical & Health – i.e. Nurse, Dentist, Dietician, Hospital Doctor, Nutritional Therapist, Medical Physicist, Paramedic
  • Science – i.e. Forensic Scientist, Meteorologist, Pharmacologist, Research Scientist, Toxicologist
  • Security/Protection Services – i.e. Prison Officer, Cyber Security
  • Skilled Trades – i.e. Construction, Electrician, Mechanics, Plumbing

If you do not have a computer to use at home, or have difficulty using one, JobCentre Plus can provide you with IT help at their centers, which have computers for you to be able to use as well.

As part of the experience of JobCentre Plus, to help you keep motivation throughout your search, you also set up in-person meetings with them. Combining the direct contact of people to help you, along with the multiple benefits that the provides online, JobCentre Plus is a phenomenal tool to use with increased efficiency to help you land the job of your dreams.

Here, at Strike Jobs, we are directly connected to the JobCentre Plus site, and can help make the online searching part even easier by connecting you to more than 10,000 available jobs in the UK as well as in 75 different countries.

Apply for Jobs in Accounting & Finance in England
Apply for Jobs in Administration in England
Apply for Jobs in Customer Support in England
Apply for Jobs in Food Services & Hospitality in England
Apply for Jobs in Human Resources in England
Apply for Jobs in Legal in England
Apply for Jobs in Marketing & PR in England
Apply for Jobs in Medicine & Health in England
Apply for Jobs in Science in England
Apply for Jobs in Security & Protection in England

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