Top 10 Jobs in the Environmental Sectors

To help celebrate Earth Day, we’re listing some of the best and fast-growing careers out there today that help the future of our world.

Today marks the 44th year of celebrating Earth Day!  Ever since its creation in the 1970’s, this day aims to inspire and inform the population with the most updated knowledge of how to take care of the environment and create a healthy future for themselves and the following generations.

Here is list of the top green jobs, so you can figure out which job might fit you best for helping to save this ecosphere as we know it!


1. Water Quality Technicians – help keep drinking water safe and clean by removing harmful bacteria and creating/fixing the machines that do so.

2. Clean Car Engineers – create alternative energy technologies for new vehicles that will be more energy efficient and use less fossil fuel.

3. Refuse Processors – help the environment by removing waste and recyclables from homes and businesses for proper disposal.

4. Solar Engineer – design and develop different effective methods for turning solar power into electricity.

5. Wind Turbine Technician – inspect equipment, report any problems, and make repairs to help the turbines work efficiently and create electrical energy from the wind.

6. Organic Farmer – help manage a farm that limits the use of potentially dangerous pesticides and antibiotic use in livestock to produce delicious, safe, and healthy foods for people.

7. Conservation Biologist – help to monitor and protect all plant and animal species throughout the planet, and carefully watch out for those that might be becoming endangered.

8. Environmental Urban Planner – create plans for the use of land within a city, encouraging bicycle use, and strengthening mass transit systems to reduce the overall carbon footprint.

9. Environmental Education – help to promote conservation and awareness of environmental issues by giving presentations in schools or work places, and organizing events and/or campaigns.

10. Environmental Meteorologist – research and analyse weather conditions to make short and long range forecasts to be able to monitor weather and climate patterns.


Weather or not you are searching for a job in the environmental sector (pun intended), we can all do a little part to help protect the future of the world.  Recycle, make a garden, or volunteer at a local wildlife preserve.  Happy Earth Day, followers!


MaryEllen Fenton | Journalist


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