Construction Jobs Set to Experience Sharp Increase


It’s now a pretty well-known fact that UK’s economy is on the rise, and the construction sector is no exception.  Boosted by the falling unemployment and low interest rates, a demand for buildings and production has increased.

In fact, the steady rise of construction jobs these past few months has been the first and biggest growth that the field has seen since almost 2007.  Because of the constant improvement of the UK economy, there has been an increase in spending patterns, most notably with the housing market and commercial building market.

Plans are also in effect to expand and repair railroads, airports, and roads to improve transportation systems throughout the entire United Kingdom.

In a statement earlier this week, Prime Minister David Cameron said “Ensuring Britain has first class infrastructure is a crucial part of our long term economic plan: supporting business, creating jobs, and providing a better future for hardworking people.”

More than 200 infrastructure projects are slotted to be created throughout the year, with a forecasted 150,000 construction jobs to be created within that time.  A big name in construction, Skanska, is slotted to create 1,500 jobs in the UK alone this year as well.

If you’ve ever thought about having a career in construction, now may very well be the time to do so!


MaryEllen Fenton Journalist

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