Education Senior Management Jobs in London

Education Senior Management Jobs in London

Search and apply for Education Senior Management Jobs in London. Find the latest Education Senior Management jobs in London. See our Education Senior Management Jobs description before you apply for education senior management jobs in London.


Education Senior Management Description

Education Senior Management roles dependent on the institutions will usually involve Head Teachers/Principal, Deputy Head Teachers, Assistant Head Teachers, Early years coordinator, key stage coordinator, special educational needs coordinator, heads of department. Each carrying out key aspects in the functionality and success of their educating institutes for instance head of departments hold a senior management position and are responsible for managing the operations and development of their faculty departments, paving the way to success.

Early years coordinators manage the learning goals, monitor teaching practices, develop, implement plans of achievement, ensure relative staffs are competent in key stage 1/early year’s curriculum and take on teaching tasks.

Key stage coordinators are primarily responsible for supporting the faculty resources for their key stage level across the differing subjects.

Special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) looks after the day to day running, provision, monitoring of special needs policies, liaising with external agencies amongst other duties.

Deputy Head teachers and Assistant head teachers roles are fairly similar in the sense that their duties which include taking on responsibilities delegated by the head teacher. The difference comes from when the head teacher is absent for a period of time, the deputy is expected to take on the responsibilities of the head while an assistant head can decline to take on responsibility, of course all this depends on the hierarchal structure in place.

Check these links for descriptions on the role for Head Teachers…[PLACE LINK HERE] Deputy Head Teachers…[PLACE LINK HERE]

Education Senior Management Range of Responsibilities


  • Ensure teachers are meeting the standard targets for their respective key stages
  • Promote health and safety regulations
  • Coordinate the support of training for teaching staff
  • Ensure smooth running of department activities and policies
  • Manage allocation of departmental budget

Personal Specification

  • Knowledge of administrative and management systems
  • Strong communication, interpersonal skills
  • Ability to manage and work in difficult situations
  • Experience of budget handling
  • Relevant degree or equivalent (BA, QTS and such)
  • DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certified formerly Criminal Records Bureau
  • Experience of whole school curriculum management
  • Excellent leadership and management skills
  • Monitor pastoral and curriculum progress of students
  • For SENCO, previous experience as an special educational needs teacher is essential
  • Minimum two years qualified teaching experience
  • Completed national award for special educational needs coordination
  • Knowledge of different stages of special educational needs, which are school action/early years action , school action/early years action Plus, assessment and statement of special educational needs


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Apply for Education Senior Management Jobs in England
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