ESL Teacher Jobs in London

ESL Teacher Jobs in London

Search and apply for ESL Teacher Jobs in London. Find the latest ESL Teacher jobs in London. See our ESL Teacher Jobs description before you apply for education jobs in London. 




ESL Teacher Description

ESL Teachers are ever more in demand in countries both abroad and at home, with the aim of learning English as an incentive for workplace/business purposes as the increase of global interaction increases. English is fast becoming the de facto language of business between non-english speaking countries without a common tongue. ESL Teachers with a penchant for travel or looking to change their environment can find opportunities across the world with the highest demand in the oriental and Arabic speaking countries. ESL Teachers can be referred to as T/ESL(Teaching/English as  a Second Language), T/EAL (Teaching/English as an Additional Language) or T/EFL EFL(Teaching/English as a Foreign Language) teachers. With T/ESOL(Teaching/English to Speakers of Other Languages) teachers tend to those based and teaching in the UK.


ESL Teacher Responsibilities

  • Teaching grammar, develop vocabulary, fluency, articulation and comprehension
  • Giving standardized tests to track student development
  • Provide individual feedback
  • Preparation and delivery of  class work  which may involve audio/visual resources
  • Classroom preparation and breakdown
  • Giving and Attending training sessions
  • Organizing outings related to subject taught


Personal Specification

  • Keen Observational Skills
  • Adaptable teaching methods and approach
  • Communication skills in relative language is desirable
  • ESL Teacher Training certification – TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, EFL and such
  • Education degree with teaching English is highly desirable
  • Teaching experience


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