Top 10 Jobs in Hospitality & Catering in 2014


If you are a genuinely out-going individual person who enjoys helping others, then a career in the Hospitality & Catering section could be for you! There are a variety of different roles that could be perfect to help you find that ideal job niche. Here we’ve listed some of the top ten jobs to help showcase the multi-faceted world of Hospitality & Catering.  Whether you’d like to explore jobs in the kitchen, the bar, back of house or front of house, or as a role in management, this sector will definitely hold something you’d like.


1. Event Planner – Duties include coordinating all logistics of an event, from conception to completion.  Be prepared to deal with venues of all different sizes – jobs could range from setting up a small room for a motivational speaker, to a huge detailed wedding.  Event planners must create and adhere to a budget to hire whatever may be needed, specific to their event: speakers, entertainment, lighting, transport, and food and drink.

Average Salary: £22,000

2. Restaurant Manager – These managers must maintain the business/monetary performance of their establishment, as well as maintaining high standards of health and safety.  You will need to analyze sales and keep records to help promote your business and keep up a solid reputation.  Will also need to train and hire staff, create weekly schedules, handle customer complaints, organize reservations, and ensure that there is clear communication between all sectors of staff to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Average Salary: £27,000

3. Hotel Manager – Hotel Managers are required to make sure all that operations in their establishment are successful and profitable.  They will plan, organize, and direct all facets of hotel operations and create reports with strategic overviews to increase profits while keeping costs low. Will need to set rates, handle customer service issues, as well as day to day management of all staff – from front of house to the back, including the kitchens to ensure quality standards that will meet with guests’ expectations.

Average Salary: £32,000

4. Executive Chef – These Head Chefs will need to oversee all kitchen staffing (bothing hiring and training) as well as paying special attention to the creation of a menu that will include unique dishes to help drive customer satisfaction.  They must track the dishes’ popularity and the reactions to them to help them estimate consumption.  This will aid them in figuring out their food ordering, as they must deal with suppliers on a constant basis and make sure their stock is up to health standards.

Average Salary: £30,000

5. Concierge – As the face of the front of the hotel, your most important asset here is a friendly and outgoing demeanor, as your want to make sure that your guests have the more pleasurable experiences possible. You will assist guests with making reservations, and manage all the guest records.  You will also need to have a general knowledge of the area, as you will also need to recommend interesting tours and outings of notable places in the area, and then make reservations and travel plans.

Average Salary: £25,000

6. Kitchen Assistant – Kitchen Assistants will mainly include directly helping the head chef with kitchen duties, including to make sure that the busy kitchen runs smoothly.  They must help ensure that food orders arrive and go out on time and in order, basic food prep, and making sure that the kitchen adheres to the strict health and safety regulations.

Average Salary: £15,000

7. Catering Manager – You must be able to plan all catering for different functions of varying sizes and crowds – anything such as a small business’ luncheon, to a grandiose wedding.  Catering managers need to plan menus to the specific crowd, and order needed supplies (such as food amounts, silverware, stemware, etc) all while maintaining and keeping to a certain budget.  Duties include managing entire kitchen staff to ensure productivity and efficiency of the food standards, financial budgets, and ultimately, the customer satisfaction.

Average Salary: £27,000

8. Maid/House Cleaning – Duties will include a variety of cleaning tasks including but not limited to: making beds, changing linens, cleaning rooms, dusting, vacuuming, taking care of trash, and restocking all supplies in bathrooms. You want to be sure that the space is clean and tidy.and in working condition to guarantee the satisfaction of the customers.

Average Salary: £17,000

9. Sommelier – This is an interesting and quickly growing skilled profession that requires extensive knowledge of wine. You will be pairing wine with food, as well as educating customers about the depth of the tastes, as well as the region it came from and the blends of grapes it was made with.  Other duties include being asked to create a wine list based on recipes, and taking care of managing a restaurant’s wine cellars with ordering and making sure that the wine hasn’t gone off.

Average Salary: £25,000

10. Bar Manager – You will make sure that your establishment runs smoothly by overseeing your staff and managing stock.  Duties include publishing staff schedules, hiring and training new employees, ensuring the quality of the beer and wine, as well as handling customer complaints.  As a manager, you will also need to keep an up to date licensing registration and stick to a strict budget when ordering.  You will want to set up an effective operation, and build relations with clients to ensure customer satisfaction.

Average Salary:£22,000


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