Top 10 Jobs in the Public Sector / Council



Council jobs are vast, interesting and with great opportunities to progress.

If you take pride in your local community then working for your council may give you the opportunity to make a positive and practical difference.

Public sector and council jobs range from requiring that individuals are educated to degree level, have a lot of experience with customer service, no experience at all or ready to work straight from school or college education.

Here is Strike Jobs guide to the top 10 jobs in the public sector.


  1. Social worker

Social workers work closely with families and communities to help with issues such as poverty, illness, disabilities and human rights. They help to protect vulnerable people such as children and those with mental and physical health issues.

It is a challenging job that is physically and mentally demanding so you must be a strong individual who is determined to make a difference.

It is a very broad job role, which can include working with the homeless, people with alcohol and drug problems and young offenders.

Individuals who wish to become a social worker will have undergone official training. There is a social work degree that can be studied at university, although there are many different routes that you can go down to get this career.


  1. Fire fighter

Fire fighting is an exciting, dangerous job that reaps great rewards. Saving lives on a daily basis; who wouldn’t want to be a hero?!

The fire service only employs those who are over 18, with good fitness and a good standard of education, although each service around the country differs in their entry requirements.

Individuals are trained on the job and will attend a full induction and training programme. Thee training includes learning first aid, health and safety, rescue techniques and how to use all the equipment.

They work long hours, often in shift patterns.

Jobs vary from attending house fires, controlling and putting out fires, rescuing victims, managing dangerous situations. And of course, rescuing kittens from trees!


  1. Communications officer

Communications officers in the public sector may be in charge of managing and maintaining the image of the council, including internal and external communications. This job is perfect for those who love to stay up to date with the latest social media and communications, and who are friendly and a quick worker.

Applicants are usually required to have some experience in the communications field already.

Communications officers will have to spread good news as well as handling bad news, and manage good relationships with contacts, such as local businesses and other councils.


  1. Bus driver

Bus drivers usually require a full UK or European driving license, more than 2 years of driving experience, no more than 3 points on license and no criminal convictions. Although, each council has different requirements so best to contact them directly with any queries.

If you are keen to be a bus driver you must be a people person with good customer service skills and patience!

Often, you will be required to work busy shifts.


  1. Customer services

Customer services is a wide field.

The job can range from working on the phone in a call centre, or answering queries at a reception desk.

If you want to start this kind of job you must have good interpersonal skills and enjoy customer service and working closely with the public.

Good general knowledge is advised as you may be answering any queries about council tax, housing benefits, billing, etc.

The best candidates are well rounded.


  1. Teacher

Teaching is often seen as one of the most rewarding jobs, moulding the minds of the next generation. We all remember our favourite teachers, the one stand out teacher who made a difference to our education. I can name a hand full of fantastic teachers that helped me through my education. It would be great to do that for a whole host of new faces.

Teaching requires a certain number of qualifications and checks, which differs depending on the level of education you wish to teach. A bachelors degree with an approved teaching education programme and license are usually minimum.

If you study for a degree you must have work experience, so get volunteering.

You will have to plan lessons that are engaging and interesting and varied as well as educational. You must attend school events, be well presented, attend meetings and communicate well.


  1. Police officer

Policing is a great career that can give great progression and opportunities.

The job includes responding to calls from the public, investigating crime, making arrests, searching for missing people, interviewing, attending court and working closely with other officers and the public.

It is a role that is open to many – graduates, non-grads and those with a higher national diploma.

Work experience is an advantage, so working with community groups such as coaching a sports team will help when applying.

Applicants must be a confident character with good personal skills, courage, honesty, intuition, discipline, good communication and resilience. A good all rounder!


  1. Librarian

Librarians are organised with great people skills as they work closely with the public and also schools, colleges and companies. Applicants must also have strong admin skills.

There is a degree in librarianship which can be taken, or if you already have a degree you can then study for a qualification in information management.

The ideal candidate has great customer service and organisational skills. This would suit a studious individual.


  1. Refuse loader/street sweeper

If you take great pride in the image of your local town then this type of job would be great.

In this job you must be willing to get your hands dirty and work a physically difficult shift.

Refuse loaders start work while most of us are still in bed, so if you love early mornings and having the rest of the day to yourself then this job is the one for you. On the other hand, street sweepers or cleaners may work full time through out the day. You may even get to drive a vehicle, so often a driving license is essential.

This is a good job that gets you outside and not stuck in an office all day!


10. Parking officer

There tends to be a little stigma attached to this job, no one likes getting a parking ticket, but it is a great job to have.

You must have good literacy and numeracy skills, good customer service and inter personal skills. A great role as it keeps you on your feet, literally, as well as office work as you will be updating databases.

The job includes checking vehicles and issuing notices, reporting issues with signs and road markings, checking tickets in car parks, working with the police to report incidents.

There are no set qualifications, however hard workers who gave experience in customer service will be valued.


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Claire Coward Journalist








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