Which is best? Recruitment agencies vs job boards

When job searching it can be difficult deciding whether to sign up with a recruitment agency or a job board. As the world of applying for jobs gets easier recruiters are getting tougher. Strike Jobs have compared recruitment agencies and job boards, so you can decide which to use. 


Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies help you look for a job. They source jobs, organise interviews, check your references and match candidates with clients. They form relationships with clients such as companies who are looking to employ staff. They also form close relationships with candidates who are looking for jobs. Recruitment agencies match together the perfect candidate with a job that suits their personality and skill set. Find an agency that is well established, has good connections in the area you are looking for, and has experienced consultants who don’t waste your time. A good example of a recruitment agency is Tobias Recruitment


  • Exclusive vacancies are advertised that aren’t available elsewhere.
  • Specialist advice that might not be sourced elsewhere.
  • Extra training can be given to help you develop your skills if necessary.
  • Valuable advice given by experts who can help you to prepare for interviews.
  • A career progression plan can be set up with consultants to help you progress in the best way.
  • You save time by letting recruiters do the hard work for you.
  • You aren’t alone in your job search. It can be daunting and hard work but it’s much easier with other people helping you out.
  • Recruiters are trained to know what kind of jobs will suit your skills so they can advise you on what job might be best for you.
  • A strong relationship can be formed and the services can be used by the candidate again in the future.
  • It is more personal than just online applications. 


  • You’re not in the driving seat, you are relying on others to do your work for you.
  • You might have to get yourself a temporary job to cover the time between jobs while the agency is looking for your dream job.
  • Staying in touch and chasing up recruiters can be hard work.
  • The recruitment agency is the middle man between you and the company whose job you wish to apply for. Sometimes having to communicate through a middle man can be tedious and you may want to contact them directly instead.
  • A little old fashioned as a lot of job searching can be done online, for example using job boards.
  • Quite often clients require temporary roles to be filled, so not ideal for people looking for a permanent role.
  • Only contactable during office hours.


Job board

A job board used to refer to a physical pin board in a shop window, an agency or job centre that was covered posts about new jobs. Job boards more recently refer to websites such as Strike-Jobs.co.uk, which post jobs supplied by employers. Job boards can specialise in particular industries such as technology or healthcare.


  • Quick and easy applications. To apply for a job it is quick simply just a click away.
  • CV’s can be made searchable so companies can contact you directly.
  • Lots of suitable jobs in one place.
  • Job alerts can be set up so that you receive a notification when suitable jobs are posted, refining your search by location, salary and sector.
  • Available to look at any time that you have internet access.


  • As it is quick and easy to apply for jobs the quality of your application can slip a little. Don’t let this happen.
  • Lots of jobs to sift through so patience is required.
  • Competitive as they are popular.
  • If your application is not successful you might not hear back. 


Claire Coward | Strike-Jobs.co.uk Journalist









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