Top 10 Jobs in the Leisure & Tourism Sector in 2014

The sector of Leisure & Tourism is brilliantly multi-faceted, and offers a variety of different types of jobs that might be suitable for you!  They are mostly based off great customer interaction and satisfaction – so if you’re looking for a creative job and love to help people – maybe a career in Leisure & Tourism is for you!


1. Sports Coach – Being a Sports Coach is a great career if you love sports and also love helping others.  You help people maximize their performance by developing their physical and psychological fitness through planning training sessions and providing good support with a balance of constructive criticism and positive feedback.  This includes a variety of different sports as well as a variety of different levels – you could work with community teams, school teams, or all the way up to professional teams. You will need to motivate and inspire your team members to gain and develop their skills and techniques, as well as teaching them and providing them with relative knowledge of the sport.

Qualifications Needed: You will need a coaching qualification recognized by a national governing body for the sport of your choice.  It can help also to start out as an assistant coach or doing voluntary work to gain experience.  It also may help to take courses in related fields, such as physical education and sports and exercise sciences.

Average Salary: £20,000

2. Fitness Centre Manager – As a Fitness Centre Manager, you will be responsible for the day to day workings of your centre.  This includes recruiting, training, and managing staff, ensuring customer satisfaction and safety, as well as helping to devise marketing plans to promote your facilities. You will also need to be able to manage budgets, maintain all fitness equipment, and handle customer complaints and concerns.

Qualifications Needed: Starting as a trainee while working on such higher education courses as recreation management, sports science, and health management is the best way to start applying for this job.

Average Salary: £19,000

3. Tourism Information Centre Assistant – As a TIC Assistant, you will help provide relative information about tourist attractions, transport, and local activities in the area.  You will need to be knowledgeable about the local scene, as well as have a super friendly disposition to be able to deal with a lot of inquiries from different customers.  If you have a deep passion for a certain area/city, and love customer service, this could be a good job for you.

Qualifications Needed: There are no specific qualifications needed, but it might help to have previous customer service experience, being able to speak more than one language, as well as having a few GCSE’s (A-C).

Average Salary: £15,000

4. Travel Agent – Travel Agents help to book both leisure and business trips for clients.  You will set up the entire travel package for them, and book flights, accommodation, as well as perhaps set up any tours to make sure that their holiday experience is to their utmost enjoyment. They also need to inform their customers of any travel requirements, such as needed vaccinations or visas.

Qualifications Needed: No specific qualifications are needed, but some GCSE’s (A-C) would be helpful, as well as previous customer service experience, and a few courses in the related field of Travel & Tourism.

Average Salary: £14,000 (plus commission from different hotels and airplane companies)

5. Personal Trainer – Personal Trainers work one on one with their clients to develop and establish a dietary and exercise plan that works best for their specific goals. You will need to offer them health advice on diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, as well as helping to provide them motivation and keep track of their progress. Setting both long-term and short-term goals as well as having training sessions with them to ensure they are doing the exercises properly and safely are also important.  This is a great career for you if you enjoy health & fitness and would like to help others lead a healthier lifestyle.

Qualifications Needed: Starting out as a fitness instructor is recommended to gain experience and clientele.  You will need to take courses in Health & Fitness Instruction and Personal Training as well as have basic first-aid knowledge as well as a CPR certification.

Average Salary: £22,000

6. Spa Therapist – Spa Therapists provide a sense of well being and therapeutic benefits for their clients, through different techniques of massages, body scrubs, body wraps, facials, aromatherapy and more.  They must be calm and well-mannered, as their top priority is creating the most serene and relaxing ambiance for the clients to be comfortable in.

Qualifications Needed: Again, a few good GCSE’s would be helpful, and to start your apprenticeship you will need at least Level 2 courses in subjects related to Spa Therapy.

Average Salary: £14,000

7. Tour Manager – Tour Managers are primarily responsible for accompanying groups on holiday and for organizing all the details of their trip.  You will help to make sure that their vacation is as enjoyable as possible, and most importantly, runs smoothly.  You will need to inform the group of the specific plans, including travel times, accommodations, organizing entry to different attractions and the transport there.  Tour Managers will also need to be prepared to handle any mishaps that might happen, such as loss of passports, money, or luggage.  The voyage could be across multiple destinations, or singular, and could also take place in multiple travel arrangements, such as either on land, or on a boat cruise.

Qualifications Needed: No specific qualifications are needed, but again it is good to have a generally positive academic standing.  Apprenticeships in this field are also available to help start your training in this career.

Average Salary: £18,000

8. Cabin Crew – The Air Cabin Crew are responsible for the smooth running and overall enjoyment and safety of a passenger’s flight experience.  They attend pre-flight meetings and ensure that the plane and all emergency equipment is in working order before the flight.  While in the air, they attend to customer’s needs and ensure that everyone is comfortable with enough food and drink as well as selling duty-free items.

Qualifications Needed: A valid passport or documentation for travel is essential, and having knowledge of more than one language is extremely helpful.  There are several courses that would be helpful, though not required, including Level 1 Certifications for Air Cabin Crew.

Average Salary: £13,000

9. Outdoor Activities Instructor – These Instructors teach skills in such outdoor activities as rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking, canoeing, and skiing.  It can include a variety of age ranges spanning from children to adults. You must be able to communicate very clearly, as you must demonstrate and explain the techniques of which skill you are teaching, and ensure the safety of your clients by constantly checking all of the equipment.

Qualifications Needed: Skills in at least one activity is require, although the more you know, the better your salary and chances of hiring will be.  You will also need to have instructor qualifications from the relevant national governing body in each activity, as well as a first aid certificate and a CPR certification.

Average Salary: £13,000

10. Croupier – An interesting and growing career, Croupiers help to run the casino tables by dealing the cards, spinning the roulette wheel, and throwing dice, as well as explaining the rules of the game.  One of the most important things that Croupiers do is to make sure that each guest is following those rules and that no one is cheating the casino.  Mathematical skills are also needed, as you will need to be able to do quick calculations about handing out winnings and counting players in or out.

Qualifications Needed: No specific qualifications are needed, as you will receive on-site training, although several GCSE’s in Maths and English would be advisable.

Average Salary: £16,000 (plus UK Croupiers are now allowed to collect tips, which will increase your pay)


MaryEllen Fenton | Journalist


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