Why You Are Paying Thousands of Pounds for Your Job Postings.



Prices for job postings in today’s economy is disturbingly high. There are job sites out there that charge you almost £200 per listing. Per Listing. If you are a company that has multiple job vacancies looking to be filled – chances are that your wallet’s going to be pretty vacant as well.

This especially hits home with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that lack large funding and simply can’t afford to post jobs and access the talent pool. It is here a bad cycle develops. Since these jobs aren’t being posted, these same talented job seekers will remain seeking, because they can’t find the right job.

Corporations can easily be roped into over paying for job postings under the false pretense that the more you pay the better candidate pool and audience you’ll recieve. However, this is not necessarily the case. Just because a service is expensive, doesn’t mean that they actually offer all of the things that you need.

This is where Strike-Jobs.co.uk differs – our mission is to offer great service, speed of action, cost effectiveness, and simple functionality, all at an affordable price. At Strike-Jobs.co.uk, we believe that it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to be able to post jobs and dip into the wealth of candidates that today’s talent pool has to offer. We’ve made it easier to ensure that the little you spend with us on advertising revenue goes a long way, in both the good and bad times of the roller coaster ride.

Come to us and we’ll show you how you can reduce your ad costs by up to 10 times.

Just in case it all sounds too good to be true, to help us prove our point, we offer a 30 Day Free Unlimited Job Posting Trial for every single one of our new clients. That’s one full month of advertising all of your jobs for free on the site. And, having hit 1 million visitors in a mere 14 months of being open, you can be well assured that your postings will be connected to a wide audience of more than enough applicants, both skilled and unskilled.

Since Strike-Jobs.co.uk is an international job board, these job postings will be seen in 75 different countries as well. They operate with 42 aggregations and 41 integrations, in over 45 different sectors: including Marketing, Accounting & Finance, Health & Medicine, Construction & Property, Engineering, Hospitality, and Automotive so that no matter what job you are looking to hire for, they will have the perfect sector for it!

Click HERE for your free 30-day Trial of Unlimited Job Postings with Strike-Jobs.co.uk!


MaryEllen Fenton | Strike-Jobs.co.uk Journalist











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