Top 10 Jobs in the Automotive Industry in 2014


A career working with automobiles is as exciting as it is diverse! There are a vast array of jobs that range from the entire start to completion, all the way to a client’s hands. As with each job posting, the salaries are an average starting price, and will always go up, depending on experience and training.  Within the Automotive sector, apprenticeships are usually the best and most common route for you to be able to gain experience and knowledge.

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1. Car Salesperson – If you enjoy automobiles as well as customers and sales, this would be a good job for you.  You’ll be working directly with clients and discussing their needs to find them what car would best suit them.  You will need to arrange test-drives, set up and handle the financial transactions, up-sell of car accessories, and keep the stock list updated by ordering in new cars and buying in used cars as well.  Other smaller duties might include making sure that the front of house is kept clean and professional looking at all times.

Qualifications Needed: Formal qualifications are not generally needed, although previous sales experience is usually favored.  Training will take place once you are hired, and having an apprenticeship in this sector would be helpful for getting hired. The one thing that you will need (to take people on test-drives) is a clean driving record and driver’s licence.

Average Salary: £13,000 (plus commission)

2. Automotive Electrician – An Automotive Electrician is in charge of understanding the electrical systems of different types of automobiles and other vehicles. They must know how to install these systems and how to also inspect and repair them to ensure that that the safety of the automobile is intact.  There are a few types of electrical systems that you would work with, including but not limited to the ignition, alarm system, air-conditioning, window controls, parking warning systems, and GPS units.

Needed Qualifications: On the job training is provided, and apprenticeships are again good for this job, but in the beginning you may also need 4 GCSE’s (A-C) to be approved.

Average Salary: £15,000

3. Automotive Technician – As an Automotive Technician, you would be responsible for inspecting, servicing, and repairing multiple components of different vehicles.  They will also need to inform customers what exactly needs to be done, and provide them with time and cost estimates. Knowledge of the composition of the vehicle is important, and insuring that it is in working order and the safety requirements are met are also key functions.

Qualities Needed: Again, the best route would be to take an apprenticeship in vehicle mechanics, and although formal qualifications are not needed, it is beneficial to have GCSE’s in maths and science, or other related subjects.

Average Salary: £15,000

4. Auto Parts Manager – An Auto Parts Manager is responsible for maintaining the inventory within car dealerships and service centers, to ensure that all parts that are needed for servicing, repairs, and sales in-house. You must have a large understanding of the different parts of cars to understand which ones may be needed, and which would be only required occasionally.  You may also be in charge of recruiting, hiring, and training staff for administrative and retail jobs.

Needed Qualifications: Usually, retail management experience is needed, as well as a strong background in the understanding of vehicles.  Again, apprenticeships are a good move here, as is having GCSE’s in related fields like maths and sciences.

Average Salary: £23,000

5. Automotive Test Driver – An exciting job, an Automotive Test Driver will drive vehicles to provide assessments for manufactures, automotive magazines, and other independent vehicle test organizations.  They will provide feedback on different aspects of the automobile’s safety, handling, and fuel economy so that engineers can fix any and all problems before going in to production.

Qualifications Needed: Although formal qualifications are usually not needed, to be an Automotive Test Driver, you must have a clean driving record and Driver’s License, as well as previous experience working with cars, and have a knowledge and understanding of how they work.

Average Salary: £22,000

6. Classic Automotive Restorer – A Classic Automotive Restorer will take in vehicles that are in different levels of degradation, and fix them as close to possible to their authentic condition, as if the car was like what it once was when first sold.  Repairs are made both for cosmetic reasons (the body, trim, chrome, wheels) and to make sure that the machine is structurally sound (engine, electrical systems, brakes).

Qualifications Needed: Again, formal qualifications are helpful but not mandatory. Prior experience in working with cars will be necessary, and getting an apprenticeship that specializes in classic automobiles will also help you.

Average Salary: £24,000

7. Automotive Detailing – As an Automotive Detailer, you will be required to perform a vast array of duties to vehicles to make them absolutely clean and refurbished, both interior and exterior. Duties would include, but are not limited to, vacuuming the inside of the car, restoring the upholstery, waxing and buffing the exterior, applying touch-up any paint jobs, and cleaning out any grease in the engine compartment.

Qualifications Needed: Formal qualifications are again not mandatory, though helpful if they are in related areas of maths, science, and engineering. This can be an entry-level job where you will receive on-site training. A working knowledge of car parts and how to take care of them is beneficial.

Average Salary: £13,000

8. Motor Vehicle Body Repairer – As a Motor Vehicle Body Repairer, your main duties will be to fix and replace any damaged body parts of an assortment of vehicles.  You will need to be able to assess the damage and figure out a budget with which to best repair the automotive. Also, it is normally required to keep a record of all the damages and repairs to prepare in a report to give to the client.

Qualifications Needed: GCSE’s in related subjects such as maths, sciences, are helpful to be able to acquire an apprenticeship to further your knowledge and education.

Average Salary: £13,000

9. Automotive Designer – To be an Automotive Designer is to oversee the design, research & development, and manufacture of different types of vehicles.  You will need to create innovative designs that meet government and safety regulations, as well as customer satisfaction.  With these vehicle designs, you must build prototypes and tests for these prototypes to be able to ensure the automotive’s functionality, and consequently find appropriate solutions for engineering problems.

Qualifications Needed: To become an Automotive Designer, you will need to have excellent maths and IT skills, and a degree in a related field (mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, electrical engineering, etc.) from a technical institute, It is also important to take on an internship as part of the schoolwork, to be able to help further your experience and perhaps lead to a full-time job in the future.

Average Salary: £23,000

10. Motor Vehicle Breakdown Engineer – Motor Vehicle Breakdown Engineers (also known as Roadside Recovery Assistants) help people whose vehicle has broken down or fails to start.  At the scene of the problem, you would examine the car, ask the owner what happened, and repair the problems as needed.  You may be able to fix the fault right there at the site of the breakdown, or if it is something much more complex, you may need to take it to a garage.

Qualifications Needed: Normally, recent previous experience working in a garage is needed as well as knowledge of automotive workings.  You will also need a clean driving record and valid driver’s license.  Taking college courses in related fields will also help, as will getting an apprenticeship.

Average Salary: £20,000


MaryEllen Fenton | Journalist


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