Monday Survival Pack

mondaySurvival Pack 


Monday Face Palm


Whether you work in an office, a shop, a garage, the market, if you love your job, hate your job or even if you are not employed and searching, Monday mornings are most definitely not the best part of the week.

There are certain things to remember to help you make the process from Sunday night to Monday morning less painful and more manageable.


Prepare yourself before hand: Do not have a lie in on the Sunday to keep your sleep cycle intact and make sure you get to sleep an hour or two earlier than you normally do. Lay out your outfit for the next day and pack your bag/briefcase. Create a list of things to do on Friday so you are not left clueless and benumbed when you get back. Don’t leave things from the week before like clutter on your desk.


Don’t fight your alarm clock: Get out of bed as soon as it sounds to avoid falling back into the comfort and warmth of your bed. The best way to do this is to place your alarm further away from where you sleep.


Take the first half slowly: This technique will help you recharge from the weekend. Slowly ease your mind into attentiveness by using the time to read emails, articles etc. and not to overload yourself.


Meetings: If you have any meetings for that day, make sure they are scheduled after lunch when you would be less cranky and more alert.


Dress to impress: Wearing clothing you feel comfortable and feel good about yourself in will make your mood much better. Also, a quick shower in the morning with a blast of cold water will wash away any glum feelings.


Feel good music: Listening to upbeat music on the radio or phone during your commute to the work place will raise your spirits higher and leave you cheerful and optimistic.


Don’t skip breakfast: When in a hurry to get to the workplace many people make the biggest mistake by doing this. Include a cup of coffee to your meal to boost both your body and mind. Caffeine will not only keep you alert but will also help improve your short-term memory.


Go out for lunch: Getting some air and having a little walk about can help you celebrate seeing off the morning, you survived half of the day! 

Inspiration: Surround yourself with things that motivate you and remind you of all the things to celebrate on payday. Put up photographs and holiday countdowns.


Ceren Kardelen Sagir | Journalist









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