Stay Motivated in your Job Search!

Job Search Stress


Feeling like a failure can demotivate you when you need it the most. Try to stay positive throughout the process, because yes, even though it is tough and trust me I know exactly how it feels, a negative attitude will only unmotivated you and make you unsuccessful. Persistence is the only way you’re going to find something and that can only be done if you stay cheery.

As a recent graduate, I went through many phases throughout the process like feeling anxious and hopeless. The following actions is what I have discovered is the best way to overcome this:

Get out of the morning grump

The mornings are most important time to get cracked into the pursuit. The first half an hour of your day will shape the rest of it, so pulling your thoughts into a positive vibe then will help you feel more confident and focused for whole day. Do this by waking early as if heading out to work, listen to music, exercise or take a walk outside to get fresh air and clear away any negativity left over from the night before.

Be Realistic

Keep your job searches credible by applying for positions with salaries and experience most suitable for you and are convenient location wise. You must keep in mind that it is normal for it to take months of applications and job interviews before you find something. You mustn’t approach it negatively or beat yourself up over it.

Look in the right places

One of the biggest problems that you might be creating for yourself would be that you might not be conducting your searches efficiently. There are many differently kinds of platforms that you should look at without limiting your options such as online channels (i.e. job boards like, newspapers and social media. You can also go offline and speak to local recruitment agencies, which would make limiting down advertisements to those that are most relevant to you easier.

Be Flexible

As I have mentioned before, it can take months for you to find your ideal job. That is why in the mean time it would be beneficial for you to look into jobs that may not generally be what you want for the long term, just up until you can find the one you do. This would help keep you occupied and lift up your mood while helping out with your bills for the time being.

Take a Break

Give yourself some time away from the hunt between applications and do something you enjoy. After spending the whole morning and afternoon searching the web and sending of a couple of CV’s, reward yourself and give yourself a rest.

It is important to keep the balance between your enjoyment of life and the job search by making a schedule or ‘working times’. Treat your job search as a job itself. Do not stayed glued to your computer screen, as it will push you further into discouragement.

Practise Makes Perfect

Think of knockbacks as practise to learn from and improve upon for next time. This is especially true for interviews. If you get knocked back, it would be beneficial to ask the interviewer or to reply to rejection emails and enquire about what it was that they didn’t find to their satisfaction.

Find Support from others

Join or create a support network with other people who are also unemployed and searching for work. Not only will this help you with your emotional stability during the process but can also have advantages like getting advice and experiences, sharing strategies and finding more opportunities. This also applies for friends and family members. They may have come across a job listing that does not apply for them or have connections in your area and can refer you.

Above all you should remember that this is a time of transition for you and you can use it for self-development. You are about to enter a new point in your life and could maybe pick up new hobbies like a sport or instrument. It will help you to go over goals that you set out for yourself before and to find what you really do want to do.


Ceren Kardelen Sagir | Journalist









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