Fictional jobs we wish were real

Let’s be honest now, there are plenty of people who wish they had more exciting jobs. How many of you have read a book or watched a film where you thought “I wish that was real, I would like to do that”?

We can all dream, right?



Want to be in an awesome gang with a sweet ride? Your duties would be to spend you days hunting down slimy ghosts with a nuclear powered gun attached to your back when everyone knows who you are and loves you for saving the world. In essence the job is similar to being a hyped-up exterminator, leaving your client a bigger mess and when you stepped into the premises.

The biggest plus to this is how little chances of death you have compared to all the high risk fictional jobs there are out there. The ghosts barely put up much of a fight.

Adventurer/ Explorer:


Would you not want to own a fedora hat and bull whip like Indiana Jones or to explore mysteries like the Tomb Raider?

The requirements for this position is to have excellent survival instincts, outstanding climbing abilities and jumping skills, and must be able to run very fast. It is a necessity to be able to travel to exotic places on short notice.

Very high risk of physical injury.




This here is the perfect role for people who love computers and it totally beats sitting in an office cubical from 9-5 every day. You are relied on to generate exists, objects and weapons while keeping an eye out for the codes to watch over those still in the Matrix.

Since the operator is working from the Zion, the risk of death is quite low unless Cypher or the Sentinel’s are involved.

Jedi Knight:


Who can honestly say this didn’t cross their mind? You get to fight for the Republic with super cool light saber’s, the most badass weapon in history.

You grow up in Padawan training with robots and a kick ass little green mentor. And who could forget the perk of accessing the Force, lifting things with your mind, and the power to convince people.

There is a high risk of death or gross mutilation of one of more of your limbs, not to mention the temptation of being swayed to the dark side. Jedi’s don’t have a long life expectancy, especially when you get promoted to a Jedi Master.


Iron Man:


Genius scientist, ridiculously wealthy billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and superhero dedicated to saving innocent people from maniacs.

You get to spend your day flying around in an armoured talking suit blowing up things with impressive weaponry. Not only that, but unlike Bruce Wayne’s cold emo attitude, you actually have a sense of humour.




Auror’s are highly trained specialist officers of the Ministry of Magic. Your duties would include investigating crimes related to the Dark Arts, detain Dark wizards and witches such as Voldemort.

To apply for this position you must have a minimum of 5 N.E.W.T.s preferably in Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Herbology and Charms and have undergone the relevant training.

The Doctor’s Companion:


Occupation? Fun.

Being able to gallivant around inverses and centuries in a blue box that is bigger on the inside is the perfect role for those who wish to travel while they work. Human candidate is preferred but not a requirement.

Saving worlds and assisting the doctor is literally worth dying for… possibly more than once.


Captain of the Black Pearl:

black pearl

The job description here is pretty simple: wear cool clothes, and maybe a little too much eyeliner, carry a sword and drink rum.

The ideal candidate must have a ten year curse of the un-dead, experience in being eaten by cannibal natives and the Kraken (or any similar giant squid), and must have been arrested by the Royal Navy at least once.


What would you guys wish was really a job?


Ceren Kardelen Sagir | Journalist








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