Are your Social Media updates holding you back from employment?


If you’re not careful with what you share and what languages you use while tweeting it could have grim repercussions on your job prospects.

According to research, 91% of employers use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to screen their job applicants: 47% of employers check social networking sites to screen potential employees immediately after receiving an application; 76% of employers check Facebook, 53% Twitter and 48% LinkedIn; and 68% of employers have hired someone because of something on a social networking site.

The research has shown that the reasons for candidate rejection is due to:

  • Lying about their qualifications
  • Posting inappropriate comments/ photos
  • Posting negative comments about a previous employer
  • Posting content about the use of drugs or about drinking


Social media platforms can be very useful for job seekers. Both Facebook and LinkedIn can be used to create links and connections with employers, to join in conversations and discussions, develop knowledge of the industry and get insights, and to find out about live job positions.

That being said, it is important that people are aware of the immensity of the digital footprint they are leaving behind and should consider the message they are putting across about themselves.

Companies look for your character and presence when searching the Internet. They want to know if you would be a good image for the company and how you would interact with co-workers and customers.

  • It is important to put across a polished and honest side to you when posting updates.
  • Post professional related updates that will show you have an interest in the career you are pursuing – this will show a proficient and academic side to you.
  • Moderate your friends and connections output on your profile by modifying your privacy settings.

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Ceren Kardelen Sagir | Journalist










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