Construction & Property Job Board FAQ For Recruiters



How do I know which job board is the best for me?
There are many job boards available across the Construction & Property sector. Whether you’re looking for something more along the lines of upper managerial positions like Site Supervisor, or a role that is more hands-on such as a Plumber or Mason, you have plenty of choices to choose what best suits you. 

Do any job boards offer free job postings?
It honestly varies from job board to job board, but on the whole most sites do charge, and some charge astronomical rates. However, a few sites choose to give a free trial to new clients, such as With Strike-Jobs, they offer a free 30-day trial of unlimited job postings to ensure their client’s satisfaction without the stress and hassle of long term contracts.

How can I find the best candidates?
Besides uploading their CVs to job board sites, what a lot of candidates are now doing is to join pages and groups to discuss their interests and keep up to date with news in a specific sector. Professional networks such as Linked In, cater to each sector, and create group discussions to connect candidates to each other, and also to hiring employers! You can search through the topics and comments to further your knowledge about candidates, and see if one might be the best match for you and your company.



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