FAQ by recruiters for sales career job boards

How do I know which job board is the best for my sector?

Whether its direct sales jobs, IT sales jobs, field sales or any other sales jobs, there are many sector specific boards available. You should research boards to find one that appeals most to you and that has a large candidate database.

Where can I find free job posting opportunities?

Some job boards offer free job posting trials for new clients so you can try out the websites without having to commit unless you are satisfied. For example, Strike-Jobs.co.uk offers unlimited job postings for 30 days on their website and offers free postings on LinkedIn for their clients. This is a comforting comparison to some other well known job boards.

How can I connect with more candidates?

One of the many different ways of approaching candidates is through LinkedIn, especially to find more senior level job seekers in sales careers. Our sales jobs and career opportunities LinkedIn group, which is hosting over 1,000 members, can help you connect with sales candidates, will help you speak to job seekers, and to understand what kinds of roles they are looking for.


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