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Free Job Posting For All Active Strike-Jobs Clients on LinkedIn! 

We have set up sector specific LinkedIn groups to engage with candidates & jobseekers. Currently Strike-Jobs have 12 operating groups on LinkedIn with constantly growing follower counts of potential candidates. These groups make it possible for recruiters to engage with candidates on social media, see candidates’ discussions and postings, and for candidates to share their experiences and disclose what they are looking for.

How to post your jobs free on Linkedin:

We are offering our clients the option of posting their job listing onto the group sites for free to find further candidates. It will help boost applications, receive more suitable applicants and engaging potential candidates on social media. Please click any of the sectors below to post your vacancies. You can post vacancies in more than one group. Your listings may not appear straight away as it would be sent to the admin for approval. With a bit of patience you will be up with the best candidates reaching out to you!

Sector specific LinkedIn groups:

With nearly 200 members, our LinkedIn group for all things automotive, motoring, transport and logistics is rapidly growing in size and content.

There are currently over 600 members for this page with candidates from the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Reaching out to over 1000 possible candidates, listening your positions on the customer service and administration group will help you expand your options for employees.

Over 900 members to reach out to in the education sector when posting on this LinkedIn group

Combining all the different sectors involved in engineering (including mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, civil engineering, and many more) this group reaches to over a thousand candidates looking for engineering work.

Yet again one of our most popular LinkedIn page with over 1,000 possible candidates perfect for the roles you are looking for.

With nearly 400 members in this group, our health and medicine jobs page is fast growing to gain a unique division of candidates.

Nearly a thousand professionals in the hospitality and catering sectors have come together to look for work in their areas on the jobs and career opportunities network.

There are 600 members in the human resources sector specific LinkedIn page looking for work in their profession.

With over 1,500 professionals connected on our IT and Telecoms jobs and careers group, finding your perfect candidate will be hassle free.

As our largest and most engaging LinkedIn group with over 1,700 active members, recruiters can post their job listing onto the group to attract some of the best candidates for their roles.

And finally (with a still pretty impressive follower count of over 1,000 members) find candidates to meet your sales job requirements.

This free job posting on LinkedIn offer is only available for our current clients.

If you want to post your jobs for FREE on Linkedin or have any questions please feel free to email us at or give us a call at 02074934993.

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