Key Attributes for Teachers Seeking Jobs

Maths Teacher

There are key skills that employers look for in an outstanding teaching candidate. These keywords are central to your CV structure.

In teaching the essential qualification you must have is either the Initial Teacher Training undergraduate degree or the PGCE that follows a regular undergraduate degree.

Straightforward skills for you to highlight include:

  • IT skills: use of all Microsoft Office software, Photoshop, Video makers or platforms such as Windows Movie Maker & Vimeo.

If you need to improve on these skills, or would like to prove your ability with a qualification, find an evening class on your county council website.

  • Good GCSE or equivalent qualifications in Maths, English, Science and IT.
  • Work experience; make sure you ask for a good reference from work done in schools or with children.
  • Knowledge of different learning styles and when to apply them.

Smart Board

There are countless additional qualifications that will make you a first-rate teacher.

Here are some examples:

  • Modern foreign languages are now compulsory in both primary and secondary education. To teach languages at a good standard, you too must have an excellent grasp of the language. If you are based in London, International House has courses in Italian, French & Spanish: Elsewhere in the UK, local Universities, Colleges and Adult Learning centres will have MFL Courses.
  • Being flexible in the subjects you can teach is ideal, particularly in the key subjects Maths, English and Science. Here is a course for non-specialists to teach Maths:
  • If you are interested in teaching disabled learners, consider completing a specialised additional diploma. University of Westminster offer the course in various colleges in the UK:

 Modern Foreign Languages

Look carefully at the job descriptions of jobs similar to the work you are seeking. They will include specific requirements which you can either ensure are emphasised in your CV, or you can find classes and qualifications to complete so that you meet those requirements.

By using your initiative and completing an additional qualification will prove to employers that you have an enthusiastic work ethic and that you want to be the best teacher you can be. As a teacher, demonstrating that you are keen to keep learning too is very impressive and refreshing to employers.

Miriam Beard | Strike Jobs | Journalist


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