Five Unusual and Possibly Brilliant CV’s.

Some of the best in weird and wonderful CVs.

  Sometimes you really want your CV to stand out to potential employers and perfectly demonstrate your unique brilliance. But how? A hypnotising background picture to brainwash employers? Writing it on a brick and throwing it through a window? Taping it to an adorable dog and hoping it wanders into the right office? Obviously none of these, so put the brick down and let the dog go, it isn’t yours. But here are some great examples where people have been really creative with their CV’s that will hopefully inspire you to create your own eye-catching and inventive resumé. Make sure that it’s relevant to what you’re applying for in some way, though. If you’re applying for a job as a vet, they might not be particularly impressed if you’ve made your CV look like a magazine cover. They’d probably prefer one taped to a dog.

The Chocolate Bar:


This one really acts as a double-whammy, and was used to apply for a marketing job. It demonstrates both an understanding of marketing, and also comes with delicious chocolate. Provided it is delicious chocolate. It could just be fancily wrapped wood.

The Lego Resumé:

Lego Resume

Everybody loves Lego, especially the under 12’s. So if you’re looking to be hired by any it’s a great trick to grab their attention. But hopefully any prospective employers would spend some time reading the instructions and getting to know little Lego you as they build. Then they’ll probably make you into a spaceship afterwards. It’s also a great way of gently revealing that you have no face.

A Box CV You Can Make:

Making a Box

People love it when you think outside of the box. Particularly after it turned out the box was just full of haikus and wasps. This guy thought so far outside of the box, he was far away enough to see it, and it inspired him to make his own. The next logical step would be to make it into a pencil holder, so that it can sit on people’s desks constantly reminding employers of your usefulness. Actually, that’s not a bad idea.

The Board Game:

A Board Game

You wouldn’t turn down Mr. Monopoly if he applied for one of your vacancies. Although probably because he owns the electric company and the water works. You could also make yourself a deck of Top Trumps type cards, and make your card the best by some distance. And maybe twice the size of the others. Then you’d really stand out. Or maybe a game of Mouse Trap that actually works.

Fabric Graphic Designer CV:

Fabric CV

Nothing says graphic designer like a napkin. But it does demonstrate a certain amount of care going into each application, and you’ll always be there when an employer blows their nose or spills some coffee on their shirt. Just hope they don’t drop your CV in water, or they might always think of you as a wet blanket.

I’m surprised I didn’t see any done like an old-west wanted poster. With a header saying “Wanted: Job”, and a sepia picture of you looking like an angry criminal. Actually, that’s probably why I haven’t seen it.

Louis Clayton | Journalist








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