Trying Something New, Like It Or Not You Are Still Gaining by Jade Davis


As a woman, I know only too well the scenario of taking new clothes home, trying them on only to return them a mere 24 hours later.

In modern-day society this theory has also become applicable to the way we use online products and services. Perhaps the format doesn’t fit well on our screen, or the shape of the design and the colours don’t suit us.

We have become a ‘try before you buy’ focused realm in which people want to know that they are getting the best service and value for their requirements.

We want products that will make us look good, and ultimately help us to achieve the goals that we as a collective or as individuals subconsciously desire.
New companies and products are being born every second, if they are relevant to us why do we not try them all and see what we like best? Why do we hesitate at changing service provider or choose not to explore less heard of options when our contracts come up for renewal?

I once sat at a bar, talking to a man who ran an online gaming company. He taught me the fundamental reason why games work. It was so simple, and yet incredibly powerful – ’People want to make their own decisions’.

In our daily lives, we are limited as to the decisions that are actually ours.
At work our boss is the end decision maker (no matter how many decisions came before theirs)
At home our parents are the decision makers (this is why children engage in games so well)
Our partners ALWAYS have something to say about the decisions we make on our own, and many will have an opinion that ultimately makes us rethink the decision we made.

In Life we are all governed by a political system that gives us less and less decisions of our own every day.

We are so out of control of ourselves, at any given point we will latch on to the offer of decision-making.

All companies nowadays throw out the idea of ‘free trial’ ‘money back guarantee’s’ and ‘return policy’ overloads that make you question whether what they have is really as good as it seems. In reality they just hope that you end up buying or using their product or service eventually.

And what if you don’t like what you try?

Some people may say that they have invested time or potentially a small amount of money to be able to try something new. Whilst this can seem frustrating, please know that this is not all a loss.

The ability to decision make comes in forms of positive and negative. Whether you liked the concept or not the decision was still yours. Just like in gaming, if you take the wrong route or make a wrong pass, you may not advance to the next level… but you did get to make a choice, and for us mere mortals this still creates empowerment.

The satisfaction lies within us all.

Research surrounding gaming has led to many studies suggesting that Online Games can even have the ability to increase a person’s decision making speed.

I am not suggesting you sack it all in and play GTA to make you feel satisfied. But simply remind yourself that trying something new is NEVER a bad thing.


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