Is the person behind your Social Media really the Social Stig-ma ?

The Stig

Hiding behind Social Media is an easy way for Companies to create PR and hype and mass audience attraction without

showing it’s real face. Your Social Media person can change whenever the Company feels like it! Does this mean it loses

continuity, loses it’s personal touch or just gives the new person an opportunity to be more successful than the one before by

being more controversial or more sensationalist? Gaining more likes whilst gaining credibility. Everyone talks about “Social Media”, “Engaging”, being in the with the “In-crowd”, Tweeting, Blogging, Poking. What does it really mean, does it mean engaging or annoying? Exposure is always good but overloading the senses creates frustration and a mass of irrelevancy that seems to circle endlessly around the internet. Trends are moving towards the visual every day, Instagram for instance is rapidly growing in all genres.

Look and see how many people put pictures of last night’s meal on the plate in a restaurant or the latest fancy Candle, trust me thousands.

Why have we become such a visual world when we used to be so literate? Could it be that we have become lazy or is it a matter of instant gratification? Probably a matter of both. The written word is becoming more lost in translation than a good source of learning. Even Grammar seems to be defunct.

To end I will of course not harp on as we have only added one photo to add to your Pinterest account but please think on when adding content, if may be more turn off than turn on.

Suzie Tobias. MD Published 5.3.2015 WordPress


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