Out of the Box Interview Questions….

The most Out-of-the-Box Interview Questions

 We’ve talked about interview preparation, but how about those questions and tasks that you could never have predicted? Here are some of the Weirdest Interview Questions we’ve found interviewers asking candidates, and what their motivations/ underlying meanings were:

 What was the last gift you gave someone? (Data Analyst Interview)

What kind of gifts you give your friends and loved ones can say a lot about the kind of person you are. What did you invest in it: money or thought/ time? Who was it for: friends or family? Was it a joke or something sentimental? As long as you’re appropriate and thoughtful with your answer you can easily sculpt an image of who you are and your priorities with this one.

 How lucky are you and why? (Asked at Airbnb)

“I don’t believe in luck-I believe in effort!” Are you an optimist or a realist? Do you actually believe that we ‘make our own luck’ and there’s no substitute for hard work? Don’t worry if you need to take your time to answer these kinds of questions: they’re designed to make you think and require creative and unique answers- just make sure you’re not sat there in silent contemplation for too long!

 If you were on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would they be?

Are you very materialistic or do you value people more than things? Would you be tempted to include a laptop to imply that you’re a workaholic or would you rather use this as an chance to demonstrate your outside interests? Be honest and imaginative: top points for making the interviewer laugh (but as always keep it appropriate!)

“What is your least favorite thing about humanity?” Asked at ZocDoc

Obviously a very loaded question and probably one designed to catch the pessimists. As with all polite conversation it’s usually a bad idea to bring politics or religion into the mix, that said it might be best to act like a politician with your answer to this one especially if your mind wanders to darker place: try to suggest sensible problems that could be solved: this could be a good time to demonstrate what humanitarian causes that you actively support (think about any volunteering/ charity work you’ve been involved with)

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