Red ball with smaller balls

What is the Competitive Edge exactly ?

Is it when you beat the competition somehow or is it when your idea is better than theirs ?

More creative ?  Better lines of attack or avenues ?

Is beating the competition so important ?

or should we learn from our Competitors and their mistakes to have the competitive edge. 

Of course winning that Contract or doing “the sale” is the all important outcome but if you have the Competitive Edge is it normally short lived. How do we keep that Edge for some time. Surely having the long term edge is the key to long term success. If you work on the premise that a short fire outlay on a Marketing or a good Advertising campaign only works on its period of exposure and normally results in a quick response and outcome, then have you won – instant recognition – instant reaction.

This won’t necessarily bring you a long relationship with your Client or even a good one if the first experience is not an impressive one. To gain long term Competitive Edge you would need to get under the skin of the Client, find common ground, research the Clients long term goals, company ethics and policies for long term Client engagement.

To be ahead of the game means bringing your A game – not just for the first 5 minutes but forever – Effort – Positive Approach – but above all believe in your own product                                                      free job postingSTRIKE LOGO NEW MAY 2015Strike stress skittle photo


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