Global job board expanding its network across the UK.

Our Partner Sector Specific Job Boards

“We are expanding…” is growing to increase our reach. We have two new sector specific job boards that will be the first of a number of other specialist websites that will follow.

Introducing our new niche job boards…

Our engineering job board engineering jobs and work advertises jobs from every sector within the engineering category. We allow candidates to search by job field, location and skills. We have always attracted interest from engineering applicants, so it was very natural to make our debut sector specific site one tailored to engineers.

We now also have a sector specific website IT jobs and work, which is a place for IT jobseekers to search through top employers, find the latest jobs and to gain advice and info about potential careers. With a wide variety of IT professions available on our website, IT Jobs and Work is an invaluable resource for our high quality candidates.

Our latest edition to our sub sector boards is Catering Jobs and work. This is a specific website, where all of our hospitality roles are listed and candidates can search through the site in order find roles within the Hospitality & Catering industry. Candidates will be able to see all of our roles which we advetise from from Bar Managers and Chefs to Waiters and Waitresses. 

Our City Centre websites are now looking grand – take a look,,,,,,, 

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