Does Social Media really work ?

english bulldog standing on a skateboard

Does Social Media Really Work?

Having spent three years testing every social media portal, we have come to some very fascinating conclusions about how the psychology of the modern human really works.

We started with unique and interesting online content, from “you tube” clips to hand written pieces about world economies and political rants. This caused some interest but not really the huge social engagement we were looking for. The specific audience did respond to these but it was only on a small scale.

Albeit we did have some good Foot Stompers, political activists, Internet trolls and the General Grumpies.

Thinking outside of the box we then thought, well maybe going down the competition route, (everyone likes a freebie right?), well you’d be surprised!

Actually giving away free stuff to our catchment audience did catch interest but not as much as a dog playing with a duck…. Asking humans to put their thinking caps on and use a little brain power was clearly asking too much. The Lazy Human was born.

So we noticed that the general engagement across the net was geared towards Animals. Seriously take a look for yourself.

Yes Animals on slides, animals surfing, cats jumping and donkeys well, doing donkey things. (Nothing rude you understand).

It seems that the industry has taking on a more Harry Hill (You’ve Been Framed) attempt at slapstick and of course the general populous loves it…

We’ll continue to go down the educated, informative and current affairs route being a professional organisation with a responsibility to bring career advice and job opportunities to the fore whilst still anticipating how the world of social media will evolve.

Has the world of social media become a senseless and sensationalist medium forever, with platting hair videos, celebrity titbits and jumping horses… Or will it take another turn at some point?

The more important question is how will this affect how professional businesses market themselves on Social Media?

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