That Friday feeling –


As a recruiter how does it feel on a Friday… generally a feeling of “phew the week is done” and then “good week, bad week, what have I achieved”, “did I make any money!”

You should think, “I got through it and I’m still smiling” 🙂

Sales and commission based jobs need to be hailed as “the tough crew”, “achievers”, “outside of the box thinkers”. Most of the time the Recruiter is blamed for almost everything, Candidates not turning up for interviews, not being truthful on their CVs, Candidates performing badly face to face. The brunt of everyone’s anger. I was asked recently why sales is so hard and what it achieves. My honest answer was, “If there were no sales people, the world would be a very dull and uninteresting place and nothing would ever be sold” seems fair. In my humble experience nothing beats a good sales team, vibrant, noisy, banter, laughs and giggles most of the time, ups and downs, generally a fun and exciting environment with a smattering of highs and lows.Back in the day the Recruiter and the Estate agent were called “Cowboys”. In that case lets take tip our cowboy hat and say “Here’s to us you’all”. Suzie Tobias. MD



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