How to land the perfect summer internship?

Summer is on its way. You are thinking what you should do during those free months. Should you take additional course or just relax and have a nice holiday? Or maybe take an internship? Of course, holidays sounds the best for you because you are tired of working and studying.  You do not want to hear the word: WORK. Think again! Think what will be the best for you and your career in the future. Do you want to be the one who will complain that it is hard to find a job because of the lack of experience. If yes, do not even bother to read more. If you care about your future and how you are going to survive on your own in this tough job market, keep reading.

Having a perfect internship on your resume will be very useful for your next big job search. Here it is why:

  1. The internship will enhance your CV and resume. How else do you think you will be able to get experience? It is rare that employer would take an employee without experience in this day and age. It is good to get as much experience as you can.
  2. It is brilliant way to acquire new skills and use your knowledge in practise.
  3. Being in the office environment and working in specific industries will help you decide what you like and dislike.
  4. During your internship you will meet a lot people and that will improve your contact list.
  5. You may get a job offer. Even if you will not get immediately after internship, the employer will have you in mind in the future.
  6. You will get a recommendation which can be very useful in the future.

That’s it! You decided to take the summer internship. You are happy and you will do something useful during summer. One thing you need to remember that you should think carefully which internship to take. You do not want to make copies of documents all day long or preparing coffee for everybody. You want to do something interesting and challenging. So, how to land that perfect summer internship that will help you in the future? Here I will provide some guidelines for you on how to do it.

  1. Industry. First of all, you should decide in which industry do you want to work. You should follow your passion and what interests you. You do not want to end up working in a field of work which is boring for you.
  2. Company. Brainstorm a big list of companies where you would like to work. Then narrow it down by the location, the structure of the company and the internship programme they are offering.
  3. Work. Check what kind of job you will need to do in the company. Will you be interested in that work? Will you acquire new skills? You do not want to end up running errands or organizing document. The internship should be worth of your time and not be something that you would regret later.
  4. CV and cover letter. Write standing out CV and cover letter. Mention  projects you took part in, any volunteering work and etc. Think on how to be different from everybody else.
  5. Follow up. After applying try not to be shy and take initiative to make calls or send e-mails. You could ask did they receive your CV or do they have any questions regarding your application.

When choosing your internship, do not forget that there is an option to travel abroad. Having an international experience can help you in the future. Taking internship abroad has a lot advantages:

  • You would experience new culture;
  • You will be able to travel while you are not working;
  • You will expand your global network by making new friends in different country.
  • You may learn a new language or improve your language skills. The best way to learn a language is by talking  in it and hearing it majority of the time.
  • It would be the perfect lesson in independence.
  • You will gain cross-communication skills. Which can be a huge advantage for you in the future.

I hope these guidelines are helpful for you. So now all you need to do is just grab your computer and start searching for the perfect summer internship. This is something you definitely won’t regret doing.

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